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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Art by Jeff Moy
Real name Salu Digby
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Initially joined Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Left / rejoined left Legionnaires #41
rejoined Legionnaires #52
Status In limbo
Home planet / Species Imsk
Other teams joined Legion Espionage Squad, Legion Subterfuge Squad ("Subs")
Aliases Shrinking Violet, LeViathan
Powers Shrinking and growing
Other versions
Preboot versions Shrinking Violet
Reboot versions Shrinking Violet/LeViathan/Violet
Threeboot versions Atom Girl



Salu Digby originally joined the Legion of Super-Heroes after, in the final of a competition to become Imsk's representative, one of the other contestants, Micro, murdered the third finalist, Ion. After she apprehended Micro, she was gratefully accepted into the Legion, as Shrinking Violet. Despite her chronic shyness, quickly became close friends with the outgoing Kinetix, who joined at the same time, and who pushed her to become more outgoing.

Violet soon became an important part of the Legion: she became a part of the Legion Espionage Squad, and her concern for Andromeda led her to discover the latter's White Triangle associations. When the White Triangle invaded Earth, she also bought Andromeda enough time to stalemate Ambassador Roxxas by destroying his motor capabilities.

Shrinking Violet before the Emerald Eye. Art by Alan Davis.


However, shortly after the depowered Kinetix had left on a search for new power artifacts, Violet came across the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Seducing her, it gradually allowed her to become more outgoing, the way she wished to be. It was under the Eye's influence that Violet took down a brainwashed Jan Arrah after he had defeated the rest of the Legion; she was also elected Legion leader soon after the Legion had defeated the Fatal Five and exposed President Chu.

Keeping it a secret, even after the mystically-repowered Kinetix, having been sent to search for it, returned proved deadly. Innocently, she wished that all the Legionnaires would be granted their heart's desires'. Unfortunately for Leviathan, his wish was for a heroic death, which the Eye promptly arranged. Having had a longstanding crush on him, she was heartbroken by his death, and openly revealed the Eye's power in an attempt to revive him before forcing the Legionnaires to go on a galaxy-wide search for a means of revival.

It was only after she had remade the Legion, and indeed the Earth, in the Eye's image and several accidentally freed Legionnaires tried to stop her that she realised it had all gone too far, and commanded it to "turn back time".

"Emerald Violet", along with her other early costumes. Art by Jeff Moy

Maliciously, the Eye took the opportunity to send half the Legion a thousand years into the past, while taking Violet herself into deep space to attempt to continue its brainwashing of its host, where it sensed its prior master, Mordru - one of the few beings capable of using it against its will, had been reawakened.


Mordru was able to find Violet and the Eye after an altercation with Sister Andromeda, come to retrieve Violet, caused the Eye to use its energies. Luckily, Andromeda survived her attempt to save Violet, but Atom'X did not; after the Legion and their allies had found Violet, Atom'X tried to save her on his own, and his energies were absorbed by Mordru. Seeing this, Violet and the Eye merged in an attempt to buy time by proposing marriage to Mordru. It was only Violet's tampering with the dome Mordru had created that allowed Particon to pierce it, and Kinetix, Sensor and Mysa brought Violet to another dimension where they convinced her to forcibly separate herself from the Eye.

Violet would then use the Eye to stop Mordru, but this time she would not be possessed by it. Finally, at long last, she had returned to the Legion.


After she was freed from the Eye, and Mordru defeated, Violet suddenly found herself with Leviathan's powers in addition to her own. Since then, she has alternated between the using the codename LeViathan in tribute to him, and simply being known as Violet.

Violet was able to heal again, becoming confident enough to ask Chuck Taine out on a very enjoyable date. She also had a brief hallucination of the Eye returning, but successfully defeated it and her fear of the Eye.

After Kinetix's mind was seriously affected by the space anomaly, it was Violet, along with Spark, who thought of using Brainiac 5's Anywhere Machine to "see" what Kinetix had experienced. They were able to enter her mind and jolt her out of her near-catatonic state.


Violet was one of the Blighted Legionnaires, but apparently did not suffer any ill effects from it, unlike Umbra. She would be one of the Legionnaires contacted by R.J. Brande to work covertly after the Legion disbanded following the Great Rift Disaster. She acted as part of the Legion Subterfuge Squad to procure a footstep drive ship for the Legion's use, and was part of the team that delayed Ra's al Ghul long enough for his "terrorforming" of the mooon to be thwarted.

She would also be instrumental in procuring Warworld for the Legion's assault against Robotica and in defeating Darkseid.

Powers and abilties

Violet has the superhuman ability to vary her size. Originally, she could only shrink (down to subatomic sizes, if necessary), but after Leviathan's death, the Emerald Eye bestowed her with his power to grow to giant sizes as well.

Violet has also been shown to be one of the Legion's most skilled hand-to-hand combatants.