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Tuckerization is the act of using a person's name or image in an original story as an in-joke. The term is derived from Wilson Tucker, a science fiction writer of the 1940s-80s, who made a practice of using his friends' names for minor characters in his stories. A tuckerization can also be the use of a person's character or personal attributes with a new name as an in-joke. [1]

In Legion publishing history, the names of creative staff, fans, and friends have been used in story since the early days. Tuckerization seems to have gone in waves of use and non-use. Early appearances were mostly the names of creative staff. Tuckerization saw a rise in the early to mid 1970s when writers Jim Shooter and Cary Bates were members of Legion fandom (such as the fanzine Interlac), and then years later in the late 1980s/early 1990s when Tom and Mary Bierbaum, who had also been active in early Legion fandom, became writers. Later, in the mid to late 1990s when the creative staff became active on various online forums (such as Compuserve and Usenet), their interaction with fans there and at conventions led to similar appearances in the comics.

Some examples:

Tuckerization Appearance Derived from References
The element Sigellian Adventure #267 writer Jerry Siegel
Planet Pasnic fan Nick Pasquale
Weisinger Plaza Legion of Super-Heroes v3 Annual 1; probably many previous ones as well former editor Mort Weisinger
Character Flynt Brojj Superboy v1 #209 fans Mike Flynn and Harry Broertjes
Field Marshall Lorca Superboy v1 #217 fan Carol Strickland [1]
The planet Cyrem Superboy v1 #219 fan Mercy Van Vlack [2]
The planet Vanvlack fan Mercy Van Vlack [3]
Unnamed characters in the wedding scene All-New Collector's Edition #C-55 depictions of writer Paul Levitz and artist Mike Grell
Crystal Kid's real name Bobb Kohan LSH v2 #272 creator Robert Cohen (originally suggested in Amazing World of DC Comics #14
Lamprey's real name Tayla Skott LSH v2 #272 creator Scott Taylor (originally suggested in Amazing World of DC Comics #14
Nightwind's real name Berta Harris LSH v2 #272 creator Robert Harris (originally suggested in Amazing World of DC Comics #12
Gigi Cusimano Paul Levitz's wife, the former Jeanette Cusimano [2], [3]
The Weisinger Chambers former editor Mort Weisinger
Batch SW6 part of the address of fan Peter Hayward-Brewer [4]
A character named Wechsler LSH v4 #37 fan Elayne Wechsler-Chaput
Andromeda's home Ricklef II fan James Ricklef
Magno's real name Dyrk Magz writer and radio adapter Dirk Maggs
Daxamite Obin Der Legionnaires #23 former Legion writer and co-creator Otto Binder
Atom'X LSHv4 #82 then-LSHv4 co-plotter and colourist Tom McCraw's AOL screen-name (ATOMC) (although McCraw was unaware of the new name for a character changed from Atmos (due to Lee Moder drawing a completely different character) while colouring the issue. [5]
Science Police officer Tro Yesq Legionnaires #34 fan Troy McNemar's email address, which included "troyesq"
Saturn Girl's parents Sydne and Bertor, and sister Jancel Legionnaires #38 fans Sidne Ward and Robert Dobiesz, and colorist/writer Tom McCraw's sister Jan [6], [7]
various fans in the magnoball stadium Legionnaires #38 various fans that artist Jeff Moy met at conventions in 1995
Athramites DC staffer and online poster Martha Thomases
Temple of Al'Kaugh Legionnaires #40 fan Lev Kalman, whose email address included "LKOW"
a person raising the flag on the cover Legionnaires #43 visual depiction of then-editor K.C. Carlson
Science Police officer Reyep Legionnaires #51 writer Tom Peyer
Science Police officer Almo LSH v4 #69 fan Greg "Elmo" Morrow
Goldfarb's Asteroid LSH v4 #78 fan David Goldfarb (for suggesting to writer Mark Waid that the discs on Cosmic Boy's chest could be removed and thrown, as seen in Legionnaires #70)
Thunder's real name Cecebeck Power of Shazam! Annual #1 C. C. Beck, co-creator of Captain Marvel and the Marvel/Shazam! Family
Thunder's home planet Binderaan Power of Shazam! Annual #1 Otto Binder, co-creator of Captain Marvel and the Marvel/Shazam! Family as well as the Legion
Name "Sprouse" on Lori Morning's shirt former artist Chris Sprouse
Planet Plevitz LSH v4 Annual #6 former writer Paul Levitz
Planet J'ff'n LSH v4 Annual #6 former writer/artist Keith Giffen
A character named S'tern R'og LSH Secret Files #2 writer Roger Stern
Warnabros, home base of the post-Zero Hour Legion Academy Warner Bros., the parent company of DC Comics
Binder Alley Brave and the Bold (v3) #5 Legion co-creator Otto Binder
Dr. Yin Des Neerg LSH cartoon episode 2.03 Cry Wolf character actor Sydney Greenstreet [8]


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