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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Triad in her second costume.
Art by Olivier Coipel
Real name Luornu Durgo
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0
Joined Legionnaires #0
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Cargg
Other teams joined Legion Espionage Squad, Brande Industries (chairwoman)
Relatives R.J. Brande (adoptive father)
Powers Can split into triplets
Other versions
Preboot versions Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/Una/Duplicate Girl
Threeboot versions Triplicate Girl
Televisual versions Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel
Triplicate Girl



The native inhabitants of the planet Cargg can split into three separate bodies. In most cases, these bodies are identical - physically, intellectually and emotionally. Such was not the case for Luornu Durgo.

Even as a newborn, when only two of her cried, her three personalities were clear. Because of the shame of this on a world where this was considered a serious defect, her father left when she was a young child, and her mother degenerated into alcoholism and, eventually, suicide. She was raised by her grandmother, who secretly had the same "condition", but when she eventually died, Luornu was placed in an asylum, where the treatment basically consisted of torturing the three of her into acting the same way. After she began to show signs of "progress," she was allowed into the garden, where she escaped by climbing over the wall at the first opportunity. She ran until, tired, hungry and drenched by the rain, she ended up at a spaceport. Desperate for shelter, she tried to break into one of the ships there - and found R.J. Brande inside. Seeing she was in trouble, instead of handing her over to the Carggite authorities, he took her to Earth and gave her a job in his office, the HQ of Brande Industries. When he found out about her treatment by the Carggities, he threatened to move several factories from Cargg until they made him her legal guardian.

Triad, in her original costume, battling a parademon. Art by Lee Moder.


When Brande was saved by three teenagers, and got the idea for the Legion of Super-Heroes from his extensive collection of superheroic memorabilia, it was Luornu who he sent to collect the three of them, and she was co-opted as a member soon after, taking the codename Triad.




After the Legion was disbanded by "President McCauley" in the wake of the Great Rift Disaster, she became Brande Industries head, while Brande supervised the construction of Legion World.

Situations Executive

[The Legion]

Powers and abilities

Triad can split into three separate people, who can be physically distinguished only by eye colour - the integrated Triad (and Triad-Neutral), have one orange and one purple eye, Triad-Orange has two orange eyes, and Triad-Purple has two purple eyes. In terms of personality, Triad-Orange tends to be shyer, and Triad-Purple more aggressive, than Triad-Neutral, with the integrated Triad behaving similarly to Triad-Neutral.

She tends to wear clothes which make it clear which of her is which.