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Time Trapper
All (comic)
Time Trapper
Art by Jeff Moy, et al.
Real name Inapplicable
Status Active
Home planet / Species Inapplicable
Aliases Cosmic Boy/Rokk Krinn
Powers Time Manipulation
Other versions
Preboot versions Time Trapper
Time Trapper
Time Trapper
Reboot versions Time Trapper
Threeboot versions ?
Televisual versions N/A



The Time Trapper is a unique in being a singularity, existing as fundamentally the same being throughout Legion history, although his role in shaping reality has risen and fallen with changes to the timeline.

Iron Curtain of Time

[Silver Age]


[Fake Trapper, Crisis tampering so that there would still be a Superboy]


[Conspiracy, ends with apparent "death"/vs Mon-El/Mordruverse/Glorithverse]


[End of an Era/Zero Hour (inc. New Titans globe messages, since they were sent from this period)]


After reality was restored again, a robed figure was seen at the end of time, long hair spilling from the cloak. If this was the Time Trapper, where it falls in the Trapper's personal timeline is unknown.

Regardless, the Trapper was indeed restored along with reality, with full knowledge of the previous timelines - and the mistakes he had made that had led to their unravelling. With the rebirth of the timeline, although Valor still seeded the worlds, there was no longer a need for the singular figure of old to cause a Legion to rise, and he retreated beyond the new timeline, creating pocket universes to keep himself occupied rather than interfering with the main timeline - until a new Legion was born fpr the new timeline without his aid.

He first encountered one of the new Legionnaires when he elongated XS' return to her home time through several time periods, revealing himself to her when she reached the Linear Men's base, Vanishing Point, before wiping her memory of the encounter and returning her home.

Old habits beginning to reassert themselves, he interfered again, removing the Legionnaires stranded in the 20th century and placing them in a replica of 1950s smalltown America with all but Gates' memory erased, while posing as "Mr Swan", their teacher and a beacon of tolerance, in an attempt to see how they dealt with the xenophobia of the time. After they "passed", he returned them to the 20th century.

He then plucked Legionnaires from both the 20th and 30th centuries, depowered them, and placed them in a replica of World War II with analogues of some of their friends. Again, they "passed" his test and he returned them to where he had taken them from.

Finally, he took the whole Legion out of time, transforming most of them into the first Legion he had met - briefly involving Superman to preserve a journey he had taken before the timeline reset - and placed the Legionnaires without direct, living analogues in the crowd, along with Lori Morning. These Legionnaires - Kid Quantum (Jazmin Cullen), XS, Gates, Kinetix, Monstress and Ferro - and Lori, began to remember fragments of their real lives in short order, until seeing a memorial statue of "himself" broke Ferro's fake memories, which in turn revived the others' real memories until , on visting the timeline's Rond Vidar at Lori's suggestion, he pulled them into the timestream (whereupon their costumes reappeared). By combining their powers, XS and Kid Quantum pulled the group out of the timestream, but found themselves still in a Pre-Crisis-like timeline, albeit some time later. Confronted by "native" Legionnaires, they fled, until Lori pushed buttons on a console, which ended by launching them into the presence of the Time Trapper himself.


Various identities

The Time Trapper's actual identity is not only uncertain, but possibly in actual flux.

Chronology and Appearances