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Timber Wolf
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name Brin Londo
First appearance Legion Worlds #6
Joined The Legion #15
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Rimbor
Other teams joined Wolf Crew
Powers Amplified senses and reflexes, extendable finger-claws
Other versions
Preboot versions Timber Wolf/Lone Wolf/Furball
Threeboot versions Timber Wolf
Televisual versions Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf


Wolf Pack

Timber Wolf was the leader of the Wolf Pack, a Rimborian gang, although whether he was a native of the lawless planet is unknown.

He first came across the path of a Legionnaire when the pregnant Apparition, on the run from her domineering mother in the wake of the Legion's disbanding and her husband's apparent death, saved him from an Emerald Dragon "with a slaughtermatic". In her debt, he and the Wolf Pack took her in.

Thereafter, she lived with them for some time and he became very attached to her, shadowing her on a disastrous visit to Jo Nah's mother and generally worrying about her and her baby.

Shortly thereafter, she was sent into labour by news of the Lost Legionnaires' return - when they were attacked by three mercanaries, hired by her mother to recover her and the baby, who instead tried to kill the Wolves and Apparition to take just the baby, Brin fought, but was only saved from a Brain-Globe in an exo-suit by the just-given-birth Apparition, who had herself only been saved by the mercenaries own Jinx-Dog.

Afterward, he chose to go with her to Earth, where they and her baby, Cub used the mercenaries' own Footstep Drive ship tickets! The trip, however, was not a smooth one as the ship was crippled by an energy wave and Apparition was tortured by the pain and suffering of the living "drive", while Cub - displaying the powers of both his parents - ran riot on the ship as Timber Wolf chased after him. Eventually, Cub unlocked the drive, showing the engineers and Apparition what the "Footstep Drive" actually was, and they decided to unhook it and let the suffering creature die. As it died, however, it informed Apparition that the energy wave which had crippled the ship was the wake of the Robotican fleet.

Thankfully, their stranded ship was assisted by the Science Police. Timber Wolf, Apparition and Cub made their way to Legion World, where they warned the Legion about Robotica's true nature - that it was really C.O.M.P.U.T.O., Brainiac 5's invention from the 20th century.

Timber Wolf was soon offered Legion membership by R.J. Brande. He helped save Saturn Girl from attacking Roboticans. His first official mission was to escort Tharok to Takron-Galtos. What was meant to be a routine escort mission turned sour as the rest of the Fatal Five (Empress, a weakened Emerald Eye, Persuader, Mano, Validus) attacked, taking fellow Legionnaires Shikari, Ultra Boy, Wildfire and XS hostage. As they did not recognize Brin, they left him for dead. Brin stalled the Five by removing their ship's reactor interface, effectively stranding them. He quickly defeated the Empress, Persuader and Mano, and used the Persuader's Atomic Axe to temporarily destroy the Emerald Eye. The Eye's destruction allowed the Legion to Threshold in, saving Brin just as Validus and Tharok were about to kill him.


They were rescued soon after by Threshold, and Apparition, as Ultra Boy's wife and a former Legionnaire in her own right, was sent to Legion World along with Brin and her son. While she renewed old friendships and found a letter from her husband to Saturn Girl on the kiss they had shared, he felt isolated and spent time doing little but watching the ongoing fight against Robotica - until R.J. Brande, watching him sulk, offered him a flight ring and told him to "think fast", which led him to save Saturn Girl from a Robotican "droid."

Thereafter, on his first day as a fully-fledged Legionnaire, he shadowed Kid Quantum,...

Powers and abilities

Enhanced strength, speed, reflexes and durability. Appears to have some form of enhanced healing factor, as well. Possesses claws and an enhanced sense of smell.

He is also a capable hand-to-hand combatant.