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The Legion #1
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Oliver Coipel, et al.
Story title No Place Like Home
Previous story (team) Legion Lost v1 #12
(M'Onel/Triad/Outpost) Legion Worlds #1: You are here - Earth
(publication) Legion Worlds #6: A Moment Here
Next story The Legion #2
Publication date October 24, 2001
Cover date December 2001
Writer(s) Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (DnA)
Penciller(s) Olivier Coipel
Inker(s) Andy Lanning
Letterer(s) Comicraft
Colourist(s) Tom McCraw
Digital Chameleon (seperations)
Editor(s) Mike McAvennie
Cover artist(s) Olivier Coipel (pencils)
Andy Lanning (inks)
Richard and Tanya Horie (colours).

No Place Like Home

Following the arrival of the Outpost back into Earth's solar system, it crashes into Earth's atmosphere as M'Onel tries to slow it and shouts to the UP military not to fire on it...

Roll Call

In order of appearance:


Lost team

Brande group


Other characters

  • M'Onel (as Oversight Watch member)
  • (unnamed reporter - check to see if he's named elsewhere)
  • Trudy Trusoe (unnamed in issue)



Standard solicit


Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; art and cover by Coipel and Lanning.

A new era dawns for the 31st Century's greatest heroes. The once-lost members of the Legion of Super-Heroes have returned. But the world has changed in their absence into something that they no longer recognize. As the Legion rebuilds from the ground up, with a new structure, new members and a new purpose, will they survive the evil that awaits them?

32 pages, $2.50, arrives in stores on Oct. 24.

Feature article/expanded solicit

A new era for the 31st Century… THE LEGION

Half their number was lost. The other half was without hope. The Legion of Super-Heroes officially disbanded following the "death" of eleven members. But now these missing heroes have triumphantly returned. How will the 31st century's greatest heroes react to a world they no longer recognize?

THE LEGION is a new ongoing series written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning and illustrated by Olivier Coipel & Lanning — the same creative team behind the critically acclaimed LEGION LOST maxiseries — that picks up where LOST and the LEGION WORLDS miniseries left off. The missing Legionnaires have returned to find everything they've ever known changed in their absence. Despite appearances, the galaxy has fallen on hard times under new president Leland McCauley. In addition to financial crises, the Milky Way is threatened by increasingly frequent planetary invasions from Robotica — a world of artificial sentients bent on reshaping everything they encounter. With the planets no longer united, the Legionnaires may be the only hope for unity…something McCauley and his super-powered bodyguards, the Oversight Watch, don't want to see happen!

A new era dawns as the Legion slowly rebuilds itself with a new structure, new members and a new purpose. But with these changes come new inner conflicts and unexpected surprises — while in the background, a surprising villain lurks and schemes, ready to destroy the Legion before it even has a chance to come back together fully.

This project is supported with a 4-color 17" x 22" retail poster and house and trade ads.

THE LEGION is an ongoing series edited by Mike McAvennie. Issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores October 24 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

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