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The "volume four" Legion was introduced in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1. Editorial edict forced Valor to replace Superboy as the team's inspiration. This era was set five years after the end of the Post-Crisis era and begins with a disbanded Legion. It ends with the advent of Zero Hour. More...


Early members of the reformed Legion team included Rokk Krinn, Reep Daggle, Salu Digby, and Jo Nah, along with new characters Kono, Devlin O'Ryan, and Kent Shakespeare

A separate team of teenage Legionnaires, known as the SW6 Batch, featured members from the Adventure Comics era, as well as new characters like Dragonmage and Catspaw.

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Major storylines included a battle with Roxxas, the liberation of Earth, the return of Mordru, going on the run from the UP, and Zero Hour.

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