Superman the Animated Series Vol 3 DVD

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Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 3
Superman: The Animated Series Volume 3, contains entire Season 3

Television » DCAU
Previous volume Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 2
Next volume none
Original release date (US) June 20 2006
Number of discs 2 (double-sided)
Legion episodes New Kids in Town

Press Release

TBD [1]

DVD Case Text


DVD Contents

Note: this page only tracks the Legion-related episodes of this series.

Image Title Directors Writers Original Airdate #
NewKidsInTown-LegionnairesClark.jpg New Kids in Town Butch Lukic, Dan Riba Stan Berkowitz, Rich Fogel October 31 1998 3.03
Brainiac travels back in time from the year 2979 to destroy a young Clark Kent before he becomes Superman.

For completeness, Volume 3 contains the following episodes:

  • Disc 1 - Warrior Queen, Apokolips...Now! Part 1, Apokolips...Now! Part 2, Little Girl Lost Part 1, Little Girl Lost Part 2, Where There's Smoke
  • Disc 2, Side A- Knight Time, New Kids in Town, Obsession, Little Big Head Man, Absolute Power, In Brightest Day
  • Disc 2, Side B- Superman's Pal, A Fish Story, Unity, The Demon Reborn, Legacy Part 1, Legacy Part 2

DVD Extras

  • Audio Commentary: Audio Commentaries on select episodes with the creators and the directors ("Apokolips...Now!" Part 2, "New Kids in Town," "Legacy" Part 2).
  • Easter Egg: A never seen before deleted scene with introduction by Bruce Timm.
  • Featurette: Superman: Behind The Cape -- David Kaufman, voice of Jimmy Olsen, takes you journey on how a show comes together.

Other Specifications

As reported on the ToonZone forum:

  • Announce Date: 3/1/06
  • Street Date: 6/20/06
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • MSRP: $26.99
  • Packaging Type: Digi-Pack
  • Subformat: Multi Disc
  • Media Quantity: 2
  • Sound Track Language: English