Superboy v1 98

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Superboy v1 #98
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Cover by Curt Swan, George Klein and Ira Schnapp
Story title The Boy With Ultra-Powers!
Previous story Action Comics #287: Supergirl's Greatest Challenge!
Next story Action Comics #290: Supergirl's Super Boyfriends!
Publication date May 17, 1962
Cover date July 1962
Writer Jerry Siegel
Penciller Curt Swan
Inker George Klein
Letterer Milton Snapinn
Colourist Unknown
Editor Mort Weisinger
Cover artist(s) Curt Swan, George Klein, Ira Schnapp

The Boy With Ultra-Powers!


First appearances

This issue marks the first appearance of the following characters and recurring key Legion story elements:

Other stories in this issue

There is an additional story that does not feature the Legion - "The Super-Student of Swankhurst Academy"


This Legion story has been reprinted in the following:

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