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Superboy v1 #176
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Cover artwork by Neal Adams
Cover artwork by Neal Adams.
Story title Invisible Invader!
Previous story Superboy v1 #173: Trust Me Or Kill Me!
Next story Superboy v1 #183: War of the Wraith Mates!
Publication date May 20, 1971
Cover date July 1971
Writer E. Nelson Bridwell
Penciller George Tuska
Inker George Tuska
Letterer Joe Letterese
Colourist ???
Editor Murray Boltinoff
Cover artist(s) Neal Adams

Invisible Invader!

(? pages/? panels)


Key Quotes and Catchphrases

Roll Call



Supporting characters

Other characters

Planets and Settings

Technology, Gadgets and Other Neat Stuff

Alien Wildlife


Errors and Oddities

Easter Eggs

First appearances

Reboot Reference Kit



Other Stories in this Issue

There is an additional story that does not feature the Legion. Superboy appears in both "The Secret of Superboy's Sister!"


Invisible Invader! has been reprinted in the following:

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