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Saturn Girl
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Saturn Girl
Art by Olivier Coipel
Real name Imra Ardeen
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes #0
Joined Legion of Super-Heroes #0
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Titan
Other teams joined Science Police
Relatives Bertor Ardeen (father), Sydne Ardeen (mother), Jancel Ardeen (sister), Universo (Sarmon "Vidar" Ardeen, cousin)
Powers Telepathy
Other versions
Preboot versions Saturn Girl
Threeboot versions Saturn Girl
Televisual versions Saturn Girl
Saturn Girl



Irma Ardeen is one of the most powerful telepaths to ever live. As a child, this had caused problems to the point that she became withdrawn to the point of catatonia, and Aven, her mentor, placed blocks in her mind to "blunt" her powers so that she wouldn't have to deal with her full powers until she was ready. With her powers thus lessened, she began to make friends and plans for the future. She joined the Titanian branch of the Science Police, and became one of their greatest prospects.


As a cadet, she was sent to Earth, and on landing helped Rokk Krinn and Garth Ranzz to foil an assassination attempt on R.J. Brande's life. Shortly thereafter, after being treated like a dogsbody, she jumped at Triad's offer to see Brande, where she was reunited with Rokk and Garth and Brande talked the three of them into founding the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Initially torn between her two fellow founders romantically, after she was left catatonic from shutting down the Composite Man's mind, and her mentor Aven was only able to restore her to an infant-like state, she demanded Garth, and it was only after he told her he needed her that she was restored to normal.

20th Century

Later, after half the Legion, herself included, were stranded in the past by the Emerald Eye, Doctor Psycho unwittingly removed the blocks Aven had placed in her mind, and unprepared to deal with her expanded power, she would unconsciously animate the comatose Cosmic Boy. In that state, she almost married him before her subconscious mind rebelled, turning Cos into Garth until she shut down the link and Cosmic Boy was properly awakened.


Later still, after Invisible Kid's resignation, she became Legion leader, and stationed Garth as part of a second group of Legionnaires on a spacestation known as the Legion Outpost to avoid the appearance of nepotism, a fact which irritated him for some time until the three founders went on a mission together against a corrupt regime using their identities and the Legion's symbols to prop up his regime, during which they cleared the air. Shortly thereafter, Garth proposed to her and she assented.

Unfortunately, both of them were among a group of Legionnaires stranded in another galaxy Legion Lost by a collapsing rift, during which time Imra also created a psychic projection of Apparition to stabilise Ultra Boy. When the deception was discovered, it severely strained her relationships with most of the other "Lost" Legionnaires. She resigned as leader, and soon thereafter Garth sacrificed himself to stop the mad Element Lad and allow the others to return home safely.

Live Wire and Saturn Girl reconciling in front of Legion Memorial Plaza.


On their return home, her mind was strained by what she had gone through, and returned to her home moon of Titan to undergo psychic therapy, when Universo trapped her in an illusion where she had never impersonated Apparition, Element Lad was not a villain, and Live Wire had never died, to prevent her interfering as he absorbed most of the galaxy into a hivemind with himself at the centre. Depressed and angry, when Sensor broke her free, she used her anger to trap Universo in a similar illusion.

Shortly thereafter, when her and Cosmic Boy visited Element Lad's home planet of Trom, they found a resurrected Garth in a crystalline version of Element Lad's body, recreated from electrified crystals Spark had found and placed there. Uncertain of how to react to him, it was some time before they reconciled properly.

Powers and abilities

Saturn Girl was a telepath, able to alter, manipulate and read minds, and communicate mentally, as well as casting illusions and maintaining them indefinitely, including pseudo-tactile contact, while the illusions could display a personality different from her own and she would be aware of all interactions the illusory figure was involved in at all times.