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NB: You may be looking for Atom'X, a character occasionally misidentified as Radion
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Radion, art by Jeff Moy
Real name unknown
First appearance Legionnaires #43
Status Unclear
Teams joined Workforce, Amazers
Powers Radiation-based flight and energy blasts
Other versions
Preboot versions Radiation Roy [1]
Reboot versions Radion (see also Atom'X)



Radion was first seen being rejected from the Legion try-outs, along with his best friend, Blast-Off, for his "unstable" radiation-based powers. Shortly afterward, he was recruited - along with Blast-Off and another reject, Particon - by Leland McCauley for his Workforce Lgs #43.


He was next seen complaining when McCauley initially decided to hold the Workforce in reserve when the call for aid against Mordru went out, viewing it as his "big chance to show up the Legion" Lgs #49. As a result, the three new Workforce members disobeyed McCauley's orders, and flew off to join up with the Legion-led UP taskforce Lgs #51.

A pre-injury Radion shoves in front of Atom'X to try and talk to Kinetix.

There, he and the similarly-costumed and powered Atom'X both developed crushes on the Legionnaire Kinetix, and began a competition to impress her, which ended in tragedy - when Radion noted that Violet apparently meant a lot to Kinetix, he suggested that he and Atom'X "jump this Mordru goof". Atom'X, not willing to share the credit with the "glory-hog", instead phased out - a power they didn't share - solo, and was quickly killed by Mordru and the Emerald Eye. Lgs #49

Strongly embarrassed by his part in Atom'X's death, Radion joined the team effort, at one point saving Umbra and Chameleon, much to the former's annoyance. However, when an eyeblast from Mordru ripped through Umbra's shield minutes later, Radion was hit in the face, and began leaking radiation which Umbra was forced to contain with her darkfield. Soon afterward, his best friend Blast-Off was apparently killed by Mordru while he was blinded and supporting/being guided by a limping Umbra. After Mordru's defeat, he was forced to stay in an isolation room wearing a lead mask while the doctors assessed his condition Lgs #50.

While he was fitted with a transparent radiation shield, they were unable to regenerate his face directly in the field hospital and he was discharged, depressed - and facing a dressing-down from McCauley for his part in leading Blast-Off and Particon to join the taskforce. While Umbra and Monstress prevented Spider-Girl and Karate Kid from taking them forcibly (along with giving McCauley pieces of their minds), and Particon attempted to quit, he stood by silently with his head drooping and begging Spider-Girl to not take him in (implying they'd had a brief liaison in the process). He was, however, saved from being forced to return by R.J. Brande buying out their contracts and arranging them passage home.


After this, he apparently left for Xanthu and joined the Amazers, where he was amongst the members trapped by the Dark Colossus Starman v2 #50. His injuries were apparently healed successfully in his time on Xanthu, but he was amongst the Amazers who visited Earth in time for the Blight invasion, and was "Blighted" as a result LSHv4 #123.

His subsequent fate is unknown - the only Amazers seen during and after the Robotican destruction of Xanthu were Insect Queen and Atmos. He may have remained on Earth rather than returning to Xanthu, or he may have been a victim of Robotica.

Powers and abilities

Radion generated large amounts of radiation, which he could channel into flight and energy blasts.