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R.J. Brande
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name René Jacques Brande
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes #0
Home planet / Species Citizen of Earth, planet of birth unknown
Important roles Owner and chair of Brande Industries, former President of the U.P., special envoy to the Second Galaxy
Relatives Triad (adoptive daughter)
Powers Telepathy
Other versions


Little is known about the personal history of René Jacques "R.J." Brande, the tycoon who made millions by developing the Stargates technology which is the foundation of the United Planets federation. It's known that during his lifetime, he has developed his mental capacity to the point where he is almost a Titanian-level telepath Lgs #52. It's also known that he secretly discovered the planet Trom, and there befriended its leader, Tarn Arrah, who created a new element called Tarnium. It's unknown if Brande saw Tarnium and recognized the potential in it, or whether R. J. theorized what could be done with an element of such properties and got Arrah to produce it. In any case, Tarnium became the foundation of Stargate technology...and of the United Planets.

Brande was an excellent scientist and businessman, but he knew nothing of marketing and promotion, so he entered into a business partnership with Roderick Doyle, who handled that end. Doyle, a racist, didn't realize at first that R. J. had dreams of interracial peace and cooperation, and before he realized it, the now-rich Brande had organized the United Planets federation, bringing together planets that had never known one another, and sometimes ending wars, as Stargate technology used up much fewer resources than old methods of interstellar travel. Doyle soon realized that this would lead to a lot of racial mixing, and he attempted to abort the impending birth of the U. P. with the help of his masters, the Daxamites who ran the White Triangle cult. With their resources, he hired two assassins who were going to kill R. J. as he came off a spaceship passing through Winath, Braal and Titan. Fortunately, three youths, one from each of those planets, saved his life...and he saw in them the potential for a living symbol of interracial cooperation, as well as for a group of young super-heroes, an idea that had entered his mind a number of years earlier Impulse #25. He arranged a meeting with President Chu, and, after getting her approval, arranged for the three teenagers to meet and form the Legion of Super-Heroes LSH v4 #0, Lgs #0.

R. J. has, since the founding of the Legion, been essential to their operation, most notably through providing the financing for it and arranging for the construction of the Legion's headquarters in Legion Plaza LSH v4 #63. He has some political influence to help the Legion, but too often, not enough. Nonetheless, because of him, the Earth was saved from destruction by the White Triangle Daxamites...his determination to keep the U. P. going in face of the powerful opposition led him to rescue Jan Arrah from the soon-to-be-destroyed Trom, and he, in turn, proved to be the deciding factor in the battle Lgs, Annual 2. It is this attitude that led the U. P. council to draft him as its new president after the treachery of President Chu was revealed. His first act was to give the Legion of Super-Heroes free reign over their destiny...the way he always intended his super-hero group to be LSH v4 #80. He also re-opened the Time Institute and, somewhat accidentally, took Winema Wazzo on his staff LSH v4 #81. Also on his staff is his personal secretary, Weeden LSH v4 #108. An avid collector of twentieth-century relics, he has made efforts to speak to Valor about that time-period, and even suggested Valor's code-name, M'Onel Lgs #37. He had the sad duty of officiating at Leviathan's funeral Lgs #41.

As President, Brande has shown great trust in the Legion and the galaxy's super-powered beings in general, informing the Legion that the powerful sorcerer Mordru was free Lgs #48 and assembling the larger group of beings to fight him Lgs #49Lgs #50. He personally saw to the welfare of all those injured in the battle Lgs #51 and used his telepathic abilities to help Shrinking Violet deal with her new growing powers Lgs #52. He considers the Legion's leader, Invisible Kid, to be amongst his top security officials in his running of the United Planets, and Invisible Kid was on hand to help stop an attempt on Brande's life by several Sklarians Lgs #57. He has also expanded the U. P., getting such planets as Talok VIII to join the alliance Legends of the Legion #3.

Brande's diplomatic skills were tested to a high degree when the Dark Circle began to assemble their "Affiliated Planets" confederation. Always interested in galactic peace, he was horrified to discover that the Affiliated Planets was using a Durlan scare as a tactic to get more members, but, as much as he tried to calm tensions in the U. P., the paranoia seemed to be a more powerful force LSH v4 #104. However, his tactical leadership, undying optimism and faith in the Legion carried the day and the United Planets won the battle against the Dark Circle and racism Lgs #62Lgs #63Lgs #64LSH v4 #106. Even being attacked by the Bizarro Legion didn't shake his faith in the group LSH v4 #114. He got regular reports from the Legion's leaders on Legion activity, and was particularly interested in the case of the energy-being who later came to be known as Wildfire Lgs #76.

When the Blight attacked Earth, R. J. helped the Legion form a resistance group which would secretly gather people to get them to freedom through a Stargate LSH v4 #122. After the Blight was defeated, the public lost confidence in the Legion, and in Brande, who had supported them and relied on them. Despite his impassioned pleas for trusting the Legion, the Legion's sanction for law enforcement was suspended by the United Planets, and Brande was impeached from the Presidency LSH v4 #124 Lgs #81.

After being expelled from office and the Legion disbanded, he dropped out of public view, leaving Triad in charge of Brande Industries as "President McCauley" attempted to shut it down. Worlds #1 In secret, he and several former Legionnaires constructed Legion World and made plans to resurrect the Legion The Legion #3, aided still further by the return of the "Lost" team The Legion #1.

This done, and Ra's al Ghul defeated, he began to feel listless The Legion #10 - although this didn't stop him inducting Timber Wolf into the Legion based on Apparition's word The Legion #13 - until he gained a new purpose as U.P. special envoy to the Second Galaxy and the Kwai The Legion #17.

There, he and most of his Legion escort was captured by Singularity's xenophobic Credo group, until freed by the rest of the team. The Legion #33

Powers and abilities

R.J. Brande is a telepath of significant power, although he is "rusty" and rarely uses the ability.

Other than that, he is an excellent businessman and diplomat.