New Kids in Town

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New Kids In Town
Superman: The Animated Series Season 3, episode 3

Television » DCAU
The Legionnaires and Clark Kent face Brainiac
Previous episode (S:TAS) Knight Time
Next episode (S:TAS) Obsession
(Legion) Far from Home
Original airdate (US) October 31 1998
Directors(s) Butch Lukic, Dan Riba
Writer(s) Stan Berkowitz, Rich Fogel
Guest actor(s) Chameleon Boy: Jason Priestly
Cosmic Boy: Chad Lowe
Saturn Girl: Melissa Joan Hart
Young Clark Kent: Jason Marsden
Brainiac: Corey Burton
Martha Kent: Shelley Fabares
Jonathan Kent: Mike Farrell
Kenny Braverman: Scott Menville
Scientist: Tony Pope
Lana Lang: Kelly Schmidt

Story Synopsis

TV listing

  • Brainiac travels back in time from the year 2979 to destroy a young Clark Kent before he becomes Superman.

Expanded synopsis

  • unknown




The following appear in the episode:

The following appear only in a mental illusion projected by Saturn Girl to Clark Kent. Because they were not named, some names are speculated based on their costume design in relation to their appearance in the comics:


Other Characters

  • Kenny Braverman
  • Clark Kent (prior to his becoming Superman)
  • Jonathan Kent
  • Martha Kent
  • Lana Lang
  • Unnamed scientist


  • unknown


Trivia about the episode

  • This is the first animated appearance of the Legion.
  • The Smallville segments of this episode take place several years before the 20th/21st century continuity of the Superman series (and by extension, all of the DCAU series). The 30th century segments are set prior to the Legion's next appearance in Justice League Unlimited.
  • Original air date: October 31 1998


  • unknown

DVD Information

This episode was released in the Superman: The Animated Series volume 3 DVD set. The episode contained a separate director's commentary track.