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Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Mordru, by Jeff Moy, et al.
Real name Mordru
First appearance (20th century) ???
(30th century, obscured) Legionnaires #45
(30th century, clear) Legionnaires #48
Status Entombed on JS-1967
Home planet / Species Lord of Chaos
Aliases The Dark Lord
Relatives Lady Mysa (daughter)
Powers Vast magical powers
Other versions
Preboot versions Mordru
Reboot versions Mordru
Threeboot versions N/A
Televisual versions Mordru



Mordru is a Lord of Chaos, a race of supernatural energy beings which - opposed by the Lords of Order - have existed since the Dawn of Time. Like only a very few others, however, he tired of his incorporeal existance and possessed the body of Lord Wyrnn, prince of Gemworld. On his defeat and entombment by Amethyst, he barely escaped Wyrnn's body before a subtle weakness he encounters when possessing a body manifested itself - in the absence of oxygen, he enters a deathlike coma.

Later, in another body, he would fight the newly-reformed Justice Society of America for the power of Doctor Fate before being trapped in the Amulet of Anubis by the new Doctor Fate.


After being freed, he would leave the vicinity of Earth, going into deep space where, by the 28th century, he would have carved out a vast empire for himself, using his own innate power combined with the power of various talismans, including the Emerald Eye. Finally, in the late 29th century, he was opposed by an alliance of mystics led by his firstborn child, the Lady Mysa and, despite aging Mysa to the physical state of an old woman and killing all the others, was eventually defeated and imprisoned by Mysa on the remote asteroid of Yuen while his talismans were buried by her on another distant world, Binder-7.


Commerical mining on Yuen would revive Mordru, and he embarked on a program to recover his talismans and absorb mystic power from various sources. When he reached Binder-7, however, he was surprised to find the Emerald Eye not among the talismans there..

Powers and abilities