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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #82
Initially joined Legionnaires #53
Left / rejoined deceased Legion Lost v1 #11
Status Deceased
Home planet / Species Xanthu
Other teams joined Amazers
Powers Super-strength/resilience



Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III was a spoiled young child, knowing little of what her father made his riches from. One day, on a tour of his factories, a protestor ran up to her father and was knocked down. She ran to see if the man was okay, and was caught in a "gene-bomb" explosion, transforming her into a hulking, Khund-like brute. Her father stopped spending time with her after that. She also found herself the subject of unwanted attention on Xanthu.


She then joined the Amazers as Monstress, first meeting the Legion when Star Boy was forced to return home. The Amazers faced the Legionnaires in a cage-match, and Monstress was able to knock out Leviathan, albeit with Leviathan under the effects of Kid Quantum's stasis field.

She served as an Amazer until, after the joining the fight against Mordru, asked to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. She found herself impressed by their abilities. When Xanthian officials tried to stop her, she cited her family's strong influence on Xanthu. After a brief discussion between Live Wire, Invisible Kid and Kinetix, she was accepted.


She served the Legion with distinction, albeit terrorising the Athramites with her exhausting costume-change sessions, even after her close friend Element Lad casually changed her skin colour again, to orange, without thinking about how it might annoy her. She confronted him about it. Element Lad deftly flattered her by how her skin looked, so she decided to keep it that way.

She did participate in many battles, though, and formed close friendships with many other Legionnaires, including Sensor, XS and even Lori Morning. While she had a gruff personality in her first appearance, her later appearances showed her with a very sweet, caring and upbeat personality. She would constantly address her teammates with "dear" and "sweetie". She often showered her friends with gifts and would even help Tenzil in the kitchen.

Monstress was addicted to fashion perhaps partially as a result of her "disfigurement'. She would later confide to Shikari that she had always felt like an outcast on Xanthu, and would feel like one until she joined the Legion.

Monstress, along with Cosmic Boy, Apparition and Brainiac 5.1, were stranded near Affiliated Planets space after investigating a distress call from a megafreighter. It turned out that the Stargate Network had been shut down by the Blight. After spending a month returning home, Monstress was part of the Legion team which managed to defeat the Blight and free Earth.

During the Great Rift Disaster, Monstress' caring nature proved her undoing. While holding a section of the collapsing outpost up to allow Karate Kid, Kinetix and XS to escape, she was buried under the rubble and was one of the Legionnaires lost in the Rift.


When the Legionnaires awakened on the other side of the rift, they encountered the Progeny. Monstress was the most appalled at their genocide, and made it a point to stop the Progeny on the ship they were on and rescue their captives - only to find that the Progeny had killed all of them to prevent them from being rescued.

Ironically, it was at the Element Lad's hands she would die, after refusing to believe he had gone mad. When declared that he would release the Omniphagos to destroy the Kwai galaxy and then journey to UP space to "play God', Monstress pleaded with him to remember who he was. This fell on deaf ears, though, as she was declared "variant" by him and vaporised with a touch of his hand. This would galvanize the other Legionnaires into stopping Element Lad.

Monstress was memorialized by the Legion when they returned to UP space.

Powers and abilites

Monstress possessed a high degree of strength and durability as a result of her altered musculature. Her bulk also made her very heavy, and allowed her to leap great heights. She also mentioned being able to absorb and store radiation to augment her strength, and would also gain great boosts in strength and durability through adrenaline rushes.