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a.k.a. The Moon

Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
First appearance Legion of Super Heroes v4 #63
Status Potentially devastated
Other versions
Preboot versions Luna ["The Moon"]
Threeboot versions Luna ["The Moon"]
Televisual versions Luna ["The Moon"]
See also Lunabase

Luna, also known as The Moon (mostly on Earth), is the only major natural satellite of Earth. It has been inhabited by colonies for centuries.


Luna was first landed upon by Terran non-metahumans in the 1960s. It was decades before colonies were established, temporary at first and then permanent. Luna has been treated like Antarctica, any nation from Earth may establish a base or colony yet none can make claims upon the land.


Luna was never terraformed, despite its close proximity to Earth. It remains an airless, dusty, rocky world with colonies confined either to domes or to underground cities. Gravity is about 1/6 of that of Earth. With no atmosphere, there are no seasons and no weather.

Luna is despun with relation to the Earth, which means that its rotation rate about its axis (day) is the same as its rotation rate about the Earth (Terran month). Thus, it always presents the same side to the Earth, the far side never being seen from Earth. (The far side is also known as the "dark side of the moon", though it is lit as often as the near side - the full moon is night on the far side, while the new moon is day on the far side.)

At the turn of the 31st century, Ra's al Ghul arranged for the moon's orbit to be traumatically degraded. While the Legion stopped it by using Legion World as a counterbalance, the result was severe upheaval on Earth, and Luna left glowing red hot for some time, and ending in an orbit closer to Earth than it had assumed for millions of years.

System of Government

Nominally an adjunct of Earthgov, but largely ungoverned in practice - a fact exploited by McCauley Industries.

Notable Residents

30th-31st Century

McCauley Industries has a major headquarters on the body, known as Lunabase, where Leland McCauley himself spends much of his time.


  • First appearance in Legion continuity: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
  • First appearance by an inhabitant: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63 [NB: This refers to humans and unidentifiable aliens. Luna has no native inhabitants.]