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The DC Animated Universe, also known as the "Timmverse" or DCAU, was the combined universe that consisted of all of the animated series produced or inspired by Bruce Timm, including several series starring Superman, Batman, and the Justice League. The Legion appeared in single episodes of two DCAU series, the first in Superman: The Animated Series and the second in Justice League Unlimited. Because only these two time points were shown, it is impossible to determine any chronology of the order in which they all joined, only that they were members at that point. However, some time did pass between the first and second episodes, as the Legion was in its upside-down rocket ship clubhouse in the Superman episode, while that clubhouse was old and disused by the time of the JLU episode.

In the first episode, the featured characters were Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl. In the second episode, the featured characters were Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, and Supergirl. All other Legionnaires in the list had no more than cameos and were not named, so their names can only be speculated. For this list, the unnamed Legionnaires were given the name of their closest counterpart as implied by their costumes (and in the two episodes, some characters wore different costumes suggestive of different code names).

List of members

This list is alphabetical, since with the exception of Supergirl, it is impossible to assign chronological joining order with no timeline history. The two known Honorary members were given that designation at the point when Supergirl joined.

Known joining order begins

Honorary members

  • Green Arrow
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Appearance in other media

The Legion appeared twice in the DCAU-inspired comics, once in Adventures in the DC Universe #10 and once in Justice League Adventures #28. The Justice League Adventures issue features the DCAU Justice League and four Legionnaires as depicted in the original Superman episode, so the story can be considered canonical.

The following Legionnaires appear only in the Adventures in the DC Universe issue. However, the costumes, characters, and situations in that story more closely followed those of the regular post-Zero Hour Legion book than the DCAU, and the appearance of the Ferro Lad statue in the animated episode is not consistent with the appearance of Ferro here. It cannot be said with certainty that the Legionnaires in the list below should be considered DCAU Legionnaires, and for purposes of this entry they will be left off the "official" list.

  • Element Lad
  • Ferro
  • Gates
  • Inferno
  • Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg)
  • Kinetix
  • Magno
  • M'Onel
  • Sensor
  • Star Boy
  • XS