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Cosmic Boy

Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn)


Leviathan (Gim Allon)

  • Became Leader: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
  • Resigned: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
    • Reason: Resigned in favour of Cos in guilt at Kid Quantum's death.

Cosmic Boy (2)

  • Regained Leadership: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
    • Reason: Leviathan resigned in favour of Cos
  • Resigned: Legionnaires #37
    • Reason: Felt it was time for team to elect a new leader.

Leviathan (2)

Shrinking Violet

Shrinking Violet/LeViathan/Violet (Salu Digby)

Live Wire (1)

Live Wire (Garth Ranzz)

Invisible Kid

Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg)

Saturn Girl

Saturn Girl (Irma Ardeen)

  • Became Leader: Legionnaires #59
    • Reason: Was Deputy when Invisible Kid stepped down.
  • Resigned: Legion Lost v1 #9
    • Reason: Had lost confidence of team.

Live Wire (2)

  • Became Leader (Lost team): Legion Lost #9.
    • Reason: Saturn Girl resigned after losing confidence of team, shoved leadership onto Garth
  • Resigned: Legion Lost v1 #12.
    • Reason: Realising he would have to kill the Element Lad/Omniphagos amalgam, resigned from team to avoid breaking rules. Died shortly after, but was later resurrected in Element Lad's body.

Cosmic Boy (3)

  • Became Leader: The Legion #3
    • Reason: Had been SUBS leader while team formally disbanded, and the Lost team leader was deceased
  • Lost Leadership: The Legion #10
    • Reason: Not elected (manipulated matters so that Kid Quantum would be elected)

Kid Quantum

Kid Quantum (Jazmin Cullen)

  • Became leader: The Legion #10
    • Reason: Elected.

Deputy Leaders

NB: The deputy leadership was far less formalised than the leadership, and was usually - despite section 8 of the Constitution - an informal appointment of the then-current leader rather than an elected position in its' own right. As a result, the deputy was generally only revealed when events incapacitated the current leader.


Leviathan (Gim Allon)

  • Became Deputy: after Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
    • Reason: Resigned leadership in favour of Cos in guilt at Kid Quantum's death, was convinced to take deputy role
  • Died: Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #83
    • Details: Died at the hands of Doctor Regulus, partially as a result of the Emerald Eye's influence. Held the deputy leadership until his death, throughout both Cosmic Boy and Shrinking Violet's terms.


Between Leviathan's death and the return of Team 20 to the 30th Century, it is unclear if there was a deputy leader, and who it was if there was one.

Saturn Girl


While it is possible Live Wire was Saturn Girl's deputy as he had the leadership thrown at him when she stepped down, her attempts at "professional detachment" and the depleted roster of the Lost team when he was made leader make it impossible to be sure.

Cosmic Boy

  • Became Deputy: after The Legion #10
    • Reason: Was apparently chosen by Kid Quantum as her deputy, after he manoeuvred her into the leadership role.

Squad Leadership

Main article: Subteams/Post-Zero Hour

Leaders of "Team 30" and the Lost squad are considered to be the main Legion leader of the time. This reflects only the other subteams.

Espionage Squad

  1. Invisible Kid

Rescue Squad

  1. Live Wire
    • Sole RS leader, up to the merger with the main team in Legionnaires #36
    • Appointed by Cosmic Boy as overall leader.

Team 20

  1. Cosmic Boy
  2. Saturn Girl

Legion Outpost


Subterfuge Squad

  1. Cosmic Boy
    • Sole "Subs" leader, up to the merger with the Lost squad in The Legion #3 (became overall Leader)
    • Presumably appointed by R.J. Brande