Legionnaires 60

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Legionnaires #60
L* 1998 #9

Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Jeff Moy, W.C. Carani and Patrick Martin
Cover, art by Jeff Moy, et al
Story title Scandalous
Previous story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #103: A Storm in Heaven
Next story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #104: Heroes' Return
Publication date March 11, 1998
Cover date May 1998
Writer(s) Roger Stern, Tom McCraw, Carmela Merlo
Penciller(s) Jeff Moy
Inker(s) W.C. Carani
Letterer(s) Pat Brosseau
Colourist(s) Tom McCraw
Editor(s) Mike McAvennie, Frank Berrios
Cover artist(s) Jeff Moy, W.C. Carani, Patrick Martin


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Written by Roger Stern and Tom McCraw; art and cover by Jeffrey Moy and W.C. Carani

It's Membership Madness as two new members join the team and two members leave! The battle for Xanthu reaches a head as the Khunds mean to destroy everything in sight -- with the Legion right in their path! Can the two new teammates -- one of whom is from Xanthu -- turn the tide? Plus, Lori gets herself into her biggest mess yet, and Chameleon gets some disturbing news.

FC, 32 pages


Scandalous has not yet been reprinted.

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