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Legionnaires #20
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Jeff Moy, et al.
Story title The Descent of Mano!
Previous story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63: Things at Hand!
Next story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #64: Sibling Rivalry
Publication date 25 October, 1994
Cover date December 1994
Writer(s) Tom Peyer
Penciller Jeff Moy
Inker Phil Moy
Letterer Pat Brosseau
Colourist Tom McCraw
Editor(s) K.C. Carlson
Mike McAvennie (assistant)
Cover artist(s) Jeff Moy (pencils)
Phil Moy (inks)
Synopsis contains content from the Legion Help File. Used with permission.

The Legion fight Mano, with the Moon at stake, before Live Wire gets an unpleasant surprise as his sister is drafted.

The Descent of Mano!

(? pages/? panels)


Mano destroys a dome on the moon, causing the area where he and the Legion of Super-Heroes are to lose its atmosphere. Mano escapes, and the Legionnaires gasp for air and are finally saved from asphixiation through the quick thinking of Cosmic Boy and Chameleon. The Legionnaires then follow Mano's trail by using Saturn Girl's telepathy, are contacted by R.J. Brande while doing so, who tells them that it was just discovered that Mano had destroyed an entire planet through his touch. The Legionnaires discuss how they could possibly stop someone that powerful, and , at Invisible Kid's suggestion, they contact new member Brainiac 5, who is working on an experiment in his laboratory in Legion headquarters, causing his experiment to go haywire. While they talk to him, Mano kills an employee of his target, Leland McCauley, in order to be allowed to rest in his room, and the murder is detected by Saturn Girl.

Brainiac 5 condescendingly tells the Legionnaires that Mano needs time to recharge his powers, because otherwise he would have destroyed the entire moon rather than hunt McCauley personally, and that they have little time before Mano has rested enough to build the power needed to destroy the moon.

They finally locate Mano, whereupon Chameleon distracts Mano by impersonating McCauley, allowing Invisible Kid to sneak up and break his arm, preventing him from bringing his hand to bear as Chameleon knocks out the disabled villain. They turn Mano over to McCauley, who shackles him, and McCauley offers the Legionnaires money to act as his private security team, an offer which they disgustedly refuse.

They then rush back to Earth, where President Chu has demanded to speak with Live Wire. There, she informs him that Winath has chosen to replace him on the Legion. Shocked, he insists there is no-one else with super-powers on Winath. Chu, amused, calls the replacement in and says she's sure he knows the person - his twin sister, Ayla.


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First appearances

  • Spark's first appearance in the present day, having briefly appeared in flashback in LSH #0.


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