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Legionnaires #0
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Jeff Moy, et al.
Story title Close Encounters
Previous story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0
Next story Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Publication date 30 August, 1994
Cover date October 1994
Writer(s) Mark Waid (co-plot)
Tom McCraw (co-plot & script)
Penciller(s) Jeff Moy
Inker(s) Ron Boyd
Letterer(s) Pat Brosseau
Colourist(s) Tom McCraw
Editor(s) K.C. Carlson
Mike McAvennie (assistant)
Cover artist(s) Jeff Moy (pencils)
Karl Story (inks)
Tom McCraw (colours)

On their public debut before the United Planets General Assembly, the newly-codenamed Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Live Wire prevent a bomb from blowing up in front of the delegates, and are joined by new members Triad and Apparition in the process, leading President Chu to draft additional members from elsewhere.

Close Encounters


Garth Ranzz, Imra Ardeen and Rokk Krinn watch promotional material billing them, respectively, as Live Wire, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, the Legion of Super-Heroes. R.J. Brande's assistant Marla Latham then delivers their uniforms, which they would wear to the next meeting of the United Planets council. Elsewhere, Roderick Doyle plots to plant a bomb at the Council meeting, destroying Brande, the Legion, and any realistic hope for interplanetary cooperation.

Later, Tinya Wazzo delivers some documents to her mother, a U. P. delegate, using her inborn powers to walk through the U. P. symbol globe as a shortcut and noticing that an extra ball with wires is on the globe, angering Ambassador Wazzo. U. P. President Chu introduces the Legion to the other delegates, and the delegates resist the idea of endowing teenagers with police powers and diplomatic status. While the delegates are debating the matter of approving the Legion, Saturn Girl discovers tension in the room, and scans the mind of all present, discovering Tinya's knowledge of a bomb hidden on the U. P. globe. She accidentally lets this fact slip from her mouth, creating a panic in the room, until Cosmic Boy and Live Wire get the bomb out of the council chamber, allowing it to explode harmlessly. This act causes debris to fall in the room, and R. J. Brande's assistant Luornu Durgo, using her inborn powwer to split into three people, saves Brande and the president from falling debris.

The Legionnaires then chase after the bombers, who Saturn Girl identifies by their thoughts. The two bombers have split up and hidden, but some help from Tinya reveals the location of one of them, enabling the Legion to capture them. The Legionnaires then search nearby buildings for the second one, and Tinya saves the Legion from that one as well, who was about to shoot Live Wire and Saturn Girl. The following day, the Legion, with Tinya and Luornu as new members, using the code names Apparition and Triad, is introduced to a crowd as the U. P.'s new representatives. Brande and the President then discuss the Legion's future, and the President decides to send the Legion on a high-profile mission so the Legion and the U. P. will be noticed.

She sends notices to the governments of six planets, which in turn inform young beings that they have been drafted to serve as their planet's representative in the Legion. One of these youths, Querl Dox, is busy with other things and ignores the message.

Roll Call



Supporting characters

Other characters

Planets and Settings

  • Earth (30th century)
    • Metropolis
      • Brande Industries
        • R.J. Brande’s office
        • Roderick Doyle’s office
      • United Planets headquarters
        • United Planets Council Chamber
        • President Chu’s office
      • Suicide Slum
    • Unknown city
      • Lyle Norg’s apartment
  • Mars
    • Forte District
      • Science Police Headquarters
  • Xanthu (and a moon)
    • Unnamed stadium
  • Aarok
    • Speed Force research station

Technology, gadgets, etc


  • Mirroring real-life, Garth Ranzz was apparently going to be called "Lightning Lad," the name originally associated with his character, but it was felt "Live Wire" was a fresher name.

First appearances

This issue contains the first post-Zero Hour appearances of Legionnaires Apparition, Leviathan, Kid Quantum (James), Chameleon, Invisible Kid and Brainiac 5, as well as the first appearance of XS.




The fledgling Legion of Super-Heroes recruits its first new members and gets in way over it's head during their first official mission. While investigating the assassination attempt on their mentor, R.J. Brande, the Legionnaires fall into the hands of a new super-villain, leading to the team's first casualty.

Color. Shipping August 30. Standard Format. $1.50


Cover artwork


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