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Legion of Super-Heroes v5 #1
Threeboot » Earth-Prime
Artwork by Barry Kitson
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Story title And We Are Legion
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Next story Legion of Super-Heroes v5 #2: Teenage Revolution, Chapter 3
Publication date January 26, 2005
Cover date March 2005
Writer Mark Waid
Penciller Barry Kitson
Inker(s) Mick Gray, Barry Kitson
Letterer Phil Balsman
Colourist Chris Blythe
Editor Stephen Wacker
Cover artist(s) Barry Kitson

And We Are Legion

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Key Quotes and Catchphrases

Roll Call



Supporting characters

Other characters

  • Unnamed Science Police officers (? panels)
  • Unnamed United Planets delegates (? panels)

Planets and Settings

Technology, Gadgets and Other Neat Stuff

Alien Wildlife


Errors and Oddities

Easter Eggs

First appearances

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On sale December 29
40 pg, FC, $2.95 US
Written by MARK WAID
Art and cover by BARRY KITSON
Edited by Stephen Wacker

One of the most anticipated returns of the year begins as Mark Waid and Barry Kitson - the critically acclaimed team of the miniseries EMPIRE - rebuild The Legion of Super-Heroes in a way no one can afford to miss!

The early days of the 31st century are a Golden Age for the galaxy, as poverty, famine, war and disease have become relics of the past, not only on Earth but on most other known worlds. The Dawning Millennium is utopian: shining, optimistic, bright…and deadly dull. That is, until a bright, defiant, energized team of super-powered teenagers from different worlds is assembled! They form a team of passionate activists and fierce dreamers crusading to make a difference and leave their mark on a society that has forgotten how to fight for change!

Every issue of this monthly series will be a whopping 40 pages for just $2.95 US. Get ready for The Legion of Super-Heroes: fighting for justice and tolerance while learning from - and learning to tolerate - one another!


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