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Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Lee Moder, et al.
Story title Membership Drive
Previous story Legionnaires #22: Hard Time!
Next story Legionnaires #23: Flight
Publication date January 24, 1995 (one week late)
Cover date March 1995
Writer(s) Tom McCraw
Mark Waid
Penciller Lee Moder
Inker Ron Boyd
Letterer Bob Pinaha
Colourist Tom McCraw
Editor(s) K.C. Carlson
Mike McAvennie (assistant)
Cover artist(s) Lee Moder
Synopsis contains content from the Legion Help File. Used with permission.

Attempts by the Legion to recruit more members yield mixed results in the shape of a xenophobe, two refusals, a murder, an introvert and a party girl.

Membership Drive


At Legion headquarters, a number of Legionnaires watch their newest draftee, code-named Andromeda, use her powers of super-strength, super-speed, flight, invulnerability, super-breath, heightened senses and heat vision to brutalize a hired Legion trainer. After taking note of the fact that she must always wear a transuit to protect her from lead poisoning, as lead is highly toxic to Daxamites such as her, Cosmic Boy welcomes her to the team, but is rebuffed by the new Legionnaire, who displays racist attitudes and an aversion to being touched by anyone of another race. Saturn Girl, appalled, objects to President Chu, but Chu merely sighs and changes the subject, telling her that Xanthu has drafted a replacement for the late Kid Quantum, who will join the team after he recovers from a spaceship crash.

Elsewhere, various team members have been sent on a drive to collect various draftees. On the planet Silvan, Leviathan and Chameleon meet a Legion draftee, calling themselves Lume, who impresses them, but shrinks away when told it involves off-world travel, forcing them to leave in defeat. Watching this from HQ, Triad, Invisible Kid and XS are disappointed, and decide to look in on Apparition and Spark's recruitment attempt on Imsk.

There, the two female Legionnaires are presented with a competition to determine which of the three applicants - Shrinking Violet, Micro and Ion - become Imsk's Legionnaire, which they are to judge. Not long into the tournament, however, one combatant, Ion suddenly drops dead.

Meanwhile, on the planet Aleph, a young woman named Zoe seeks an object to give her more power in preparation for her Legion audition, much to the annoyance and amusement of her brother, Thanot; and on Vyrga, Leviathan and Chameleon meet that planet's draftee, Gates, who refuses to go due to his political beliefs. After a brief fight to bring him against his will, they give up.

Back on Imsk, Shrinking Violet, a shy young woman, tells the Legionnaires that Ion had been murdered with a blade made from Auraflux, a metal immune to their shrinking powers, which carved her up from the inside. Micro is keen to resume the competition, but when Apparition refuses to do so until the murder is solved, accuses Shrinking Violet of doing the deed and storms off.

Elsewhere, Leviathan, embarrassed at having failed to recruit a single Legionnaire yet, talks to the Alephian Council delegates while waiting for Zoe, who is late after failing to find an artifact and struggling to choose an outfit as she reshapes her clothes with her powers.

In the Imskian trial stadium, the Legionnaires review footage from earlier, and Shrinking Violet points out that Micro placed the Auraflux blade on Ion. Micro shrinks away, trying to escape, but is caught by Violet, who is readily accepted onto the team by Apparition and Spark after watching her takedown of Micro.

Finally, on Aleph, Zoe shows Chameleon and the smitten Leviathan her power to mentally manipulate matter, and is readily accepted onto the team as Kinetix.

Later, the assembled Legion is introduced to their three new teammates, and Brainiac 5 is struck speechless by Andromeda's beauty.


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This Legion story has not yet been reprinted.

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