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Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Lee Moder, et al.
Story title Things at Hand!
Previous story Legionnaires #19: The Quick and the Dead
Next story Legionnaires #20: The Descent of Mano
Publication date 11 October, 1994 (unconfirmed)
Cover date December 1994
Writer(s) Mark Waid
Tom McCraw
Penciller(s) Lee Moder
Brian Apthorp
Scott Benefiel
Inker(s) Ron Boyd
Tom Simmons
Letterer Bob Pinaha
Colourist Tom McCraw
Editor(s) K.C. Carlson
Mike McAvennie (assistant)
Cover artist(s) Lee Moder
Synopsis contains content from the Legion Help File. Used with permission.

As the Legion settle into their new headquarters, Mano attacks the ruthless businessman Leland McCauley, leading to a battle on the Moon.

Things at Hand!

(? pages/? panels)


On the Moon, two employees of Leland McCauley discuss the recent demise of one of their comrades. One of them then notices an unfamiliar person sitting nearby and asks who he is. The unfamiliar man offers to shake his hand and takes off his glove to do so. Suddenly, the worker notices that the man is wearing the dead worker's identification tag and screams.

On Earth, Apparition tries, without much success, to teach Chameleon how to speak Interlac and storms off in frustration. Hearing noises, she looks into the hallway, where she sees some of her teammates being chased by a horde of small creatures. She follows the crowd to another room, where the creatures are measuring her teammates for costuming purposes, and soon, R.J. Brande walks in, introduces the small beings as Athramites, who make excellent designers. R. J. then leads the Legion to their new headquarters building, where he and President Chu give the excited youngsters a tour, during which they are introduced to their new cook, Tenzil Kem, and their missing member, Brainiac 5.

After the tour, Leland McCauley contacts them, asking them to protect him from an unknown being who has thus far killed three of his employees on the Moon.

In space, four powerful beings look at Earth and express their disgust at the thought of races mixing. They express their regret that Roderick Doyle, their agent, could not destroy the United Planets or the Legion, and they go to recruit other agents who would be more extreme.

On the Moon, the Legionnaires encounter some Science Police officers who resent their involvement in the matter. They then go to McCauley's office, where he shows them a holo from the killer, who identifies himself as Mano and says he seeks to kill Leland McCauley to avenge the destruction of all other living beings on his home planet. McCauley tells the Legion that those people had been warned about the danger of the chemicals, and tells the Legion about Manos hand, which can disintegrate whatever it touches.

Elsewhere, the Science Police officer who had spoken to the Legion has his weapon destroyed by Mano. He looks at the corpses of his fellow officers, who he had failed to protect due to his talking to the Legion, and vows vengeance against the Legion for their death.

The Legionnaires search for Mano and find him, battling him until they reach the surface of the Moon. Mano then threatens to destroy the dome which holds their atmosphere in, and Live Wire, thinking that it would kill Mano as well, calls Mano's bluff. Mano then destroys the dome.


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Reboot Reference Kit

  • The Legion's new headquarters, Legion Plaza, when viewed from the proper angle, bears a resemblance to the Preboot Legion's original "upside down rocket ship" HQ, which Live Wire's comment about "rocketships" reflects.


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