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Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Cover, art by Lee Moder, et al.
Story title Forced Friends, Deadly Consequences!
Previous story Legionnaires #0: Close Encounters
Next story Legionnaires #19: The Quick and the Dead
Publication date 13 September, 1994
Cover date November 1994
Writer(s) Mark Waid
Tom McCraw
Penciller Lee Moder
Inker Ron Boyd
Letterer Bob Pinaha
Colourist Tom McCraw
Editor(s) K.C. Carlson
Mike McAvennie (assistant)
Cover artist(s) Lee Moder
Ron Boyd
Synopsis contains content from the Legion Help File. Used with permission.

With six new members, including new leader Leviathan, the Legion suffer a death in their ranks, leading Leviathan to step down in favour of Cosmic Boy once more.

Forced Friends, Deadly Consequences!

(? pages/? panels)


Live Wire and Cosmic Boy enjoy a workout until they are interrupted by the female Legionnaires. The Legionnaires then leave for a meeting at United Planets headquarters, and see, to their surprise, a number of other youths wearing generic Legion uniforms. They remain hidden as they watch the two young men introduce themselves to one another as Leviathan and Kid Quantum (James), and then see a young woman who rushes in with super-speed and calls herself XS warn the other two about an approaching Durlan. When the Legionnaires see that the three are about to fight the Durlan, they rush in to restore the peace, and they discover that the three they had been watching had been appointed Legionnaires by their home planets' governments. Soon afterwards, with the help of another young man who had been invisible until that point, they learn that the Durlan, code-named Chameleon, is also a Legionnaire (though he doesn't speak Interlac), as is the one who had just appeared, Invisible Kid.

Having gotten all that straightened out, they head into the U.P. building for their meeting, at which time they discover that Leviathan was appointed Legion leader by the United Planets. Leviathan then briefs the other Legionnaires on their mission, which is to investigate the disappearance of ships along a once-busy trade route. He shows them the new standard Legion equipment, a transparent body sheath which will protect them from the vacuum of space as well as most other inhospitable environments, and tells Kid Quantum, whose time-stasis powers are amplified by his belt, that he will have to wear the belt over his so-called transuit. As they leave the room to embark on the mission, Leviathan emphasizes the glory that solving this problem will bring the Legion, and Cosmic Boy reminds him that saving lives is the more important goal.

On the ship heading to the problem area, the new Legionnaires use machines to fabricate new uniforms for themselves, and Triad talks to XS about being scared, which XS suddenly realizes she is. They find a freighter that had been missing and board it, splitting into teams to find the culprit and /or the ship's missing crew. One team sees an alien creature, whose thoughts frighten Saturn Girl, and who catches her in a sticky trap and escapes to an upper level of the ship. Another team, on that upper level, finds the crew, most of them dead, wrapped in cocoons of the sticky substance. As they attempt to free the beings inside the cocoons, a large, spider-like creature. They are saved from it by the team which had chased the creature up there, and they battle it until the rest of the Legion arrives. The creature shoots flying, stinging insects at them, enabling it to escape.

While the Legionnaires are occupied with the flying creatures, including XS, who runs from them in fear, Kid Quantum chases after the large one, which calls itself Tangleweb. Kid Quantum holds Tangleweb in his stasis field, and brags about the capture to his arriving teammates. While he is bragging, he fails to notice his belt shorting out, and Tangleweb kills him. The other Legionnaires find survivors in the cocoons and free them.

Meanwhile, Leviathan and Cosmic Boy run after Tangleweb, who had by that time escaped. Leviathan, ashamed of his performance, resigns the leadership, handing it to Cosmic Boy, and offers to resign from the Legion, which Cosmic Boy refuses. Cosmic Boy assures Leviathan that mistakes are inevitable, but that as long as they learn from their mistakes, Kid Quantum will not have died in vain.


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