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Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #4
Preboot » Five Years Later
Cover artwork by Keith Giffen, Al Gordon and Tom McCraw
Cover artwork by Keith Giffen, Al Gordon and Tom McCraw
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Publication date December 12, 1989
Cover date February 1990
Writer(s) Keith Giffen, Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Al Gordon
Penciller Keith Giffen
Inker Al Gordon
Letterer Todd Klein
Colourist Tom McCraw
Editor Mark Waid
Cover artist(s) Keith Giffen, Al Gordon, Tom McCraw

Story Untitled

(? pages/? panels)


This issue opens on the planet Talok VIII, home of Tasmia Mallor aka Shadow Lass. Another Talokian, Grev, informs her that the council of Talok has declared that he is to replace Tasmia as the planetary protector. She understands and agrees its for the best. While she is in her home, she is surprised to find her long dead lover Lar Gand aka Mon-El Waiting for her there. Meanwhile, on the planet Colu, Querl Dox aka Brainiac 5 is working with some cells infected with the Validus plague in his lab when Tasmia and Lar arrive. Lar reveals that the Legion’s greatest enemy, the Time Trapper, is within his body and brought him back to life to use him as an invulnerable vessel to host his soul. Horrified at the prospect that Querl might remove him from Lar’s body, the Time Travel snatches Lar from Colu and teleports him to his dimension. As the two begin the battle, the Time Trapper reveals the horrible truth behind the Legion: they were all his creation. Hundreds of years ago, the Time Trapper foresaw a future in which Mordru were rise to power and rule the universe for a millennium. In order to prevent this, the Time Trapper created Superboy to inspire teens in the future to found the Legion. For years, the plan worked and the Legion kept Mordru in check. However, once they defeated Darkseid during the Great Darkness Saga, he realized that they were becoming too powerful even for him. Even though they thought they had killed him (LoSH v3 #50), the Time Trapper survived. Ultimately, if Lar kills the Time Trapper, his reality will completely cease to exist. With a look of determination on his face, Lar realizes that he has no other option but to end his reality for the greater good of the future. As he deals the final blow, his universe begins to fade to white as it disappears.

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Other Stories in this Issue

There is a text piece in this issue written by Tom and Mary Bierbaum, Titan In A China Shop, which provides background information related to the primary story.



This story has not yet been reprinted.

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