Legion of Super-Heroes v4 110

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Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #110
L* 1998 #22

Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Solicited cover art, by Alan Davis
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Story title The Power of Thunder!
Previous story Legionnaires #66: Missing Persons
Next story Legionnaires #67: Here Be Heroes!
Publication date October 28, 1998
Cover date December 1998
Writer(s) Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw
Penciller(s) Scott Kolins
Inker(s) Ron Boyd
Letterer(s) Pat Brosseau
Colourist(s) Tom McCraw
Editor(s) Mike McAvennie, Frank Berrios
Cover artist(s) Alan Davis

The Power of Thunder!

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Written by Tom Peyer; art by Scott Kolins and Ron Boyd; cover by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer

You saw her on the poster in LEGIONNAIRES #50, you met her in the "Dead Earth" Annuals, and now the Legion meets the future inheritor of the power of Shazam: the heroine known as Thunder! When Dr. Savant - mad leader of a magic-hating 30th century suicide cult on the planet Fawcettworld - blows up the Rock of Eternity, the heroine from an even more distant future than the Legion is stranded in the 30th century! Will Thunder's efforts to gather the pieces of the Rock in an attempt to get home succeed?

DCU - FC, 32 pg. $2.50 - In stores October 28, 1998


Cover artwork


The Power of Thunder! has not yet been reprinted.

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