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Fundamentally, there are two Points of view (POV) which can be considered when writing about a topic - In-Universe and Real World.


An In-Universe POV writes from the perspective that the fictional events are real, and are described as if they really happened, with appropriate timings, etc.

The following should be written from an In-Universe POV:

  • Character biographies & power descriptions
  • Histories of teams, planets, species, locations, significant objects, etc
  • Issue summaries

However, this applies only to the relevant sections of the pages in question, and notes of interest and other miscellany may be more appropriately written from a Real World POV.

Information from the different eras, unless the aspect in question continued uninterrupted, should never be mixed where an In-Universe POV is used.

Real World

Conversely, a Real World POV writes from the perspective that events in the fiction are just that, and described accordingly.

The following should be written from a Real World POV:

  • Publication information, on pages of its own or in relevant sections of other pages; including information on creators - i.e., writers, artists, etc.
  • Notes of interest on the fiction.

Other information should be decided on a case-by-case basis on minor aspects according to common sense, and discussed on this page's talk page or the talk page of the page in question.