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Generally, "true colour" PNG images are preferred, but only if (1) the filesize is reasonable [i.e., it does not trigger a warning] and (2) the image was not previously saved as a JPEG image. If these are not possible, JPEGs should be used, although heavily compression artifacted images should be avoided. Low-colour images, such as GIF images and low-colour PNGs should not be uploaded (although for images which start as greyscale or B&W lineart, a 256-shades of grey GIF or PNG is fine as long as it does not involve resaving JPEGs).

Upper-case extensions (i.e. *.JPG, *.PNG, etc), while technically possible, should NEVER be used.

Similarly, please do not use spaces or underscores (the software treats these as the same thing) in image names, but use CamelCase to distinguish words where necessary, except for the partial exceptions listed below relating to naming character images, volume numbers (see examples below) and "Solicit", "Promo" etc suffixes, where dashes should seperate these elements as needed.

Unless you have permission from the website owner, you MUST NOT take images from other websites, with the exception of LegionPics (see note under #Cover images below on that, however).

All images should be sorted into a subcategory of Category:Images (see here for help with categories).

For help with image syntax, see here.

Character images

Character images should be edited to ensure a focus on the relevant character(s) if possible.

The first image, should be named as CharacterName.png (or CharacterName.jpg) if they focus on a single character - e.g. Image:Kinetix.jpg. Later images should be named as CharacterName-DecriptiveWord.png (or .jpg) - e.g. Image:Kinetix-Terrorform.jpg.

Images focusing on two characters should be named after both (e.g. Image:CosKQ2.png). Images focusing on a group should be treated in the same way as single character images, albeit replacing the character name with the group name.

Cover images

If a large version of a cover is available at the Wiki's sister site, LegionPics, only a display image of 600 pixels or less in height should be uploaded, and the larger version available at LegionPics should be linked on the image description page/in the summary box on Special:Upload (see Image:LegionWorlds1.jpg for an example of this.)

  • Where a series lasted nine issues or fewer (e.g., LSH v1, Legion Worlds), all issue numbers should be represented by a single digit (e.g. Image:LegionWorlds1.jpg).
  • Where a series lasted between 10 and 99 issues (e.g., LSH v3, The Legion), all issue numbers should be represented by two digits, including a leading 0 if necessary (e.g., Image:LegionLost01.jpg)
  • Where a series lasted between 100 and 999 issues (e.g., LSH v4), all issue numbers should be represented by three digits, including one or two leading 0s if necessary.


  • Adventure247.jpg
  • Action267.jpg
  • Superboy-v1-086.jpg
  • Superman-v1-147.jpg
  • SuperboyLSH231.jpg
  • KarateKid01.jpg
  • LSHv1-1.jpg
  • LSHv2-001.jpg
  • SecretsOfTheLSH1.jpg
  • LSHv3-01.jpg
  • Legionnaires3-1.jpg
  • CosmicBoy1.jpg
  • Wanderers01.jpg
  • LEGION89-01.jpg
  • LSHv4-001.jpg
  • TimberWolf1.jpg
  • Valor01.jpg
  • Legionnaires01.jpg
  • Inferno1.jpg
  • LegendsOfTheLegion1.jpg
  • LegionSciencePolice1.jpg
  • LegionLost01.jpg
  • LegionWorlds1.jpg
  • TheLegion01.jpg
  • LSHv5-01.jpg
  • SupergirlLSH16.jpg