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A glossary of abbreviations and other non-obvious terms used in Legion Wiki.

Adult Legionnaire

Adult Legionnaire was a term used, mostly in post-Zero Hour comics, to credit people who contributed to the writing of the comic in question without being contractually entitled to a full writing credit, in reference to the apocryphal Pre-Crisis Adult Legion stories.

Initially used in Legionnaires #22 to credit Tom McCraw and Mark Waid for their contribution to an officially Tom Peyer-written story, which had been continued from the McCraw and Waid-written Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 (a similar credit for Peyer in LSH65 being entered as "Plot Assist Lad"), it was used only occasionally until Roger Stern's wife, Carmela Merlo, began aiding Stern in his plotting of issues while he wrote Legionnaires #45 [1]., whereupon she began being credited as "Adult Legionnaire" from Legionnaires #48, and continued to be listed as such until the end of Stern's run on Legionnaires in Legionnaires #77, as well as one of the stories in Legion of Super-Heroes #100.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes (shortened to BTS sometimes) is a term used on chronology pages and Roll Call sections to mention when characters/places/etc are important to the story without appearing on-panel at any point.


Short for Behind the Scenes.


Main article: DnA

"DnA" is a self-coined term used to describe the writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, who wrote the post-Zero Hour Legion from 1999 to 2004.

Prestige Format

Squarebound 48-page issues with glossy paper and no advertisments, used for Superboy's Legion.


Main article: TMK

"TMK" is a term used to describe the writing team of Tom Bierbaum, Mary Bierbaum and Keith Giffen, who began writing the LSH in 1989 and implented the controversial "Five Year Gap" and enforced "Glorithverse" soft reboot.