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Creating a character page

Five points to remember when creating a page

  1. If a version of a character has a unique, long-lived, codename, it is probably best to use that for the title of their page (e.g., Spark)
  2. If this is impossible or undesirable, then, after the codename (if they have one), use the following, seperated by forward slashes (/):
    1. If more than one significant character (e.g. the Kid Quantums) have shared a codename, first use the real name to distinguish between these (e.g. Kid Quantum/Jazmin Cullen)
    2. Then use the era tags, if you need to distinguish between eras (e.g., Cosmic Boy/Post-Zero Hour where one character has used the codename, or Kid Quantum/James Cullen/Post-Zero Hour if multiple characters have used the codename.)
    3. Minor, one-shot or Elseworlds (including Adult Legion) characters need not be counted - e.g., if a one-off character used "Cosmic Boy", you shouldn't change all the Cosmic Boy links to "Cosmic Boy/Rokk Krinn/era.
  3. Never refer to a character by a codename they didn't/haven't used (e.g., don't refer to post-Zero Hour Tinya Wazzo as "Phantom Girl"), either in the title or text of a page. This includes Roman numerals, again, unless they are part of the character's actual name (e.g., Proty II)
  4. There is no point 4.
  5. Always create redirects from all combinations that apply solely to that version (e.g., create redirect from Salu Digby/Post-Zero Hour, Shrinking Violet/Post-Zero Hour, etc to Violet)

Creating a disambiguation page



If multiple characters have used a codename as their primary codename, combine the disambiguation pages for these characters in one place

Single character

If a disambiguation page is for a single character, then they should be placed at the most obvious place - the versions' common codename, if possible, and if none exists, then at their common real name.

In more detail:

  1. If they've kept the same primary codename right through (e.g. Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl), best to put it at the codename.
  2. If all versions HAVE USED a codename, even if one changed (e.g. Shrinking Violet, where post-ZH Vi flicked between LeViathan and simply "Violet" post-Eye), still best to put it at the root codename, since people will look for Shrinking Violet before Salu Digby. And, after all, redirects are cheap.
  3. If there is no codename which all versions have in common, then and only then use the real name (e.g., Garth Ranzz, Tinya Wazzo, Luornu Durgo)
  4. And if there is no name, real or codename, which all versions have in common, they should be treated as seperate characters if no clear alternative is present.



Era tags


  • Pre-Crisis [Adventure Comics 247 until the effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths hit the Legion]
  • Post-Crisis [The pre-Crisis period as affected by the Crisis retcons, plus other 1985-89 comics in until LSH v4 #4]
  • Glorithverse [LSHv4 #6 until Zero Hour, plus the earlier periods as affected by retcons (NB: The timeline instabilities of End of an Era should not be considered retcons]
  • Post-Zero Hour (LSH 0 until the Teen Titans/Legion special, plus relevant earlier 20th/21st Century stories. Earlier 30th Century stories were discarded)
  • Post-Infinite Crisis (LSHv5 - NB, while technically Infinite Crisis occurred some time into this run, the retcons which caused it spring from Infinite Crisis, and thus the period is trerated completely as having occured after Infinite Crisis).