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In development

  1. Set your user preferences, be sure to include your email address
  2. Get to know the Legion Wiki Community - Read other user pages - Create your own user page
  3. Become familiar with the types of content that are already here - (link to and briefly explain sample issue page, character page, LPH, chronology, VBH, become familiar with eras) - tap into fan knowledge, example of Tuckerization
  4. Visit frequently, check out Recent changes each time you visit to see what's new or in development
  5. Get involved in discussions, ask questions, sign your comments, hints for conversation editing, using page history
  6. See an error on a page you've read? Make corrections! Think a section or page could use more information? Expand or enhance it! Don't see an image for your favorite character or issue cover? Upload one! For major changes to a page, consider starting a group discussion first
  7. Get to know image naming conventions, disambiguation guidelines, categories, etc
  8. Become familiar with wiki editing code: User's Guide, Help
  9. Actively look for ways to expand the Wiki - create new pages, upload new images, notice red links
  10. Get used to other people changing your contributions