Lady Mysa

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Lady Mysa
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
The Lady Mysa, reyouthened.
Art by Jeff Moy
Real name Lady Mysa
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #76
Status Active
Home planet / Species Unclear, based on Zarrox
Relatives Mordru (father)
Powers Practiced and powerful magic user
Other versions
Preboot versions White Witch/Jewel/Black Witch (Mysa Nal)
Threeboot versions White Witch



The Lady Mysa was born to Mordru, the Dark Lord, some time between the 21st and 28th Centuries, although her time and place of birth and the identity of her mother have been lost.

What is known is that, in the 29th Century, she led a revolt against her father - who then controlled an Empire encompassing a large area of space - and ultimately succeeded in entombing him on the desolate asteroid of Yuen, but not before "everyone [she] could trust - everyone [she] had ever loved - had been killed or corrupted by [her] father" and she herself had been physically aged from a woman who, by human standards, appeared to be in her late twenties to someone in her eighties. In the aftermath, the Emerald Eye - Mordru's favourite tool - fled, while she buried his personal talismans on Binder-7, another remote, desolate asteroid.

After these exertions, she retired to Zarrox, the Sorceror's World and dropped out of general sight for decades, with any excursions from there unrecorded.


She was next seen, almost frozen to death, on Tharn, where she was found by the archaeologist Azra Saugin. Mysa, delirious, moaned something about a sceptre that could restore her, which Azra would have written off as madness - had she not had the very sceptre in question in her bag. Mysa begged Azra to give her it when she brought it out - and when she did, a healing glow encompassed them - which, unbeknownst to Azra, affected her unborn child too, forging a link between the child and Mysa and giving her the potential for great power.


The child, Zoë Saugin, would discover her potential when she used a mystical object to heal her mother after poisonous gas had caused her lungs to atrophy. She became obsessed with the search for power - and finally found it as an energy pool on Titan which gave her telekinetic powers. Mysa instantly became aware of the change in Zoë, and followed her early career as the Legion's Kinetix.

Seeing Kinetix's continuing power-lust, while - in Mysa's opinion - not using what she had to the full, she planted the Star of Akkos in a dig Kinetix and Shrinking Violet were visiting. As she planned, Kinetix found it - and it stole her power. Devastated, Kinetix was forced to take a leave of absence in an attempt to repower herself, only to suffer a further setback, as her destination Stargate was destroyed while she was in transit between two 'gates. With the life support of her Legion Cruiser damaged by the unaided transition to normal space, she tried to find a planet to land on, but eventually fell unconscious under the failing life support, and the other systems failed until she was left, stranded and dying, in space.

Mysa then teleported her to Zarrox, where she nursed Zoë back to health. While Zoë was there, Mysa magically made the planet appear a paradise of lush green forests, while tutoring Zoë in the principles of magic. She also revealed that she'd cast a spell on the other Legionnaires so they wouldn't worry about her, though Shrinking Violet's close friendship with Zoë would dampen the spell's effect on her.

Zoë wondered why Mysa was so kind to her, and Mysa, in answer to that, showed her an image of the Emerald Eye. Though Zoë was entranced by its beauty and power, Mysa warned her to find and destroy it; and when she deemed Kinetix ready, she restored her powers, altered her physical appearance with a slap, giving her a tail, paler skin, pointed ears and a tattoo similar to Mysa's own mark. Mysa's mark wasn't visible because of her own aged skin, however, and the mark she gave Zoë was just a mark of "connection" between the two. She then teleported Zoë away to find the Eye, causing Zoë to materialize in the midst of the Legion's battle with the Fatal Five on Takron-Galtos. Zoë was just in time to save Violet from the Empress, and she later would interrogate the Empress, thinking that she knew where the Eye was. What she didn't suspect was that it was Violet who had that knowledge....

Furious Punishment

This was a fatal mistake as, when Leviathan died, Violet used the Emerald Eye to control the Legion and find a way to resurrect him. In the ensuing battle, nearly half the Legion was sent back in time and Violet and the Eye vanished. Mysa, furious that Zoë was unable to prevent this, teleported her once again to Zarrox. But this time, Zoë's mother Azra, brother Thanot and 4 other Legionnaires came along for the ride.

Mysa was intending to use the Star of Akkos once more to drain Zoë's powers as punishment, and indeed, even Zoë's life may have been drained by it. Only timely intervention by Invisible Kid and XS saved her. Zoë quickly grabbed the Star and threatened to use it against Mysa, and when she held the Star she realized all the manipulations Mysa had done. Azra furiously confronted Mysa, berating her for not only sending Zoë after the Eye instead of handling it herself, but also for manipulating and endangering Zoë and Mysa's ingratitude for Azra's saving her life before. Taken aback, Mysa restored Zoë's powers and her original appearance and teleported them off of Zarrox.

Full Circle

Everyone thought that Mysa would leave them alone now, but she resurfaced when Mordru's tomb was disturbed and he had revived himself again. Sensing that her father was reclaiming his talismans one by one where she had hidden them, she quickly "enlisted" the aid of Legion reject and fellow mystic Dragonmage and sent him to warn the Legion. Unfortunately, Dragonmage was probably frightened by the thought of facing Mordru, as he broke into Legion HQ and barely sounded coherent when warning Invisible Kid. They tried again while the Legion was battling Mordru on Sklar, by pulling Kinetix from the Monitor Room into an alternate dimension. After convincing Kinetix, they spoke with President R.J. Brande, the UP's top military leaders and the Legion, and using Mysa's knowledge of Mordru and the Eye, formed a task force to stop him once and for all.

Mysa had tracked Mordru to the planetoid JS-1967, where he had also brought Violet and the Eye. Unfortunately, as they were planning their next move, the foolhardy Atom'X of Xanthu, in a bid to impress Kinetix, tried to rescue Violet by himself. Mordru quickly turned on him and absorbed his energy for his own use, prompting Violet and the Eye to merge into a being called Veye and try to buy some time by proposing a marriage and alliance with Mordru. Moving quickly, Mysa and the task force gathered on the planetoid. Particon breached the dome Mordru had created, and Mysa, Sensor and Kinetix brought Veye into another dimension where they convinced Violet to split from the Eye rather than trying to use its power to redeem herself.

They returned just in time to find out that Mordru had downed most of the other Task Force members, killing Blast-Off and severely injuring many like Kid Quantum (Jazmin Cullen) and Radion. When Mordru blasted Dragonmage, Mysa, who had gained control of the Eye temporarily, angrily assaulted Mordru. The combined powers of Mysa and the Eye might have been enough to defeat him, so he deaged Mysa to her original youthful appearance, stripping her of most of her control and possibly a large portion of her power as a result. However, the Eye, fearful of coming under Mordru's control again, was sent away by Violet. The Task Force then made Mordru expend the rest of his energies, and with Sensor's illusions leading him to believe that he had defeated them all, they were able to seal him once more in a dormant sleep.

After ensuring that Mordru was indeed dormant and leaving a guard to make sure he wouldn't wake once more, Mysa and Dragonmage left once more for parts unknown.

A Difficult Time

The Mordru-derived tattoo on her cheek.

Dragonmage continued on as Mysa's student, but it also seemed like a romantic relationship was slowly blossoming. However, while Mysa soon regained her control over her magic, Dragonmage did not; in fact, it seemed like his powers were slowly leaving him. Desperate to regain his power, he went to the planet Zyzan and released four powerful elemental creatures who quickly possessed four host bodies, granting them the powers of one each of the four classical elements. Dirk Morgna, one of the Legion's friends, was among those possessed.

Mysa quickly teleported to Earth to warn the Legion and helped hold off the Fire Elemental, which was attacking Tokyo. She then warned them that the four elementals had been imprisoned by Mordru long ago and that they would not only destroy the technology they found abhorrent, but they were likely to seek revenge on Mordru. She and the available Legionnaires quickly travelled to JS-1967 and dispatched the Fire, Wind and Water elementals, but the arrival of the Earth elemental threw a wrench into their plans. Only the timely arrival of Star Boy and Dragonmage, with Saturn Girl's success in convincing the hosts of the Earth and Fire elementals to turn on their possessors, caused them to succeed in driving the elementals from their host bodies and keeping Mordru from being revived.

All would have ended well, but the damage from the battle was heavy: three of the four host bodies had died, and Dirk Morgna's eyesight was forever changed to see heat signatures. Dragonmage's powers were drained once more, and he willingly gave himself up to the Science Police for his crime of releasing the elementals, with Mysa's sad consent.

She would stay on for a while longer, helping repair the damage and aiding Dirk Morgna, while Apparition would try to strike up a friendship with her, since the two had something in common: they were estranged from their fathers. Mysa was last seen helping the energy being who would become known as Wildfire coalesce.

Powers and abilities

The Lady Mysa is an accomplished and powerful sorceress, able to do many things with her magic including but not limited to force blasts, teleportation, forcefields, the creation of long-range viewing portals, stripping others of power and sensing the involvement of other magic.