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There were several teams formed, in one form or another, within or under the auspices of the Legion of Super-Heroes, either by design or circumstance. The most prominent of these are listed below.

Espionage Squad

The subteam put together by Invisible Kid from the Legion's less powerful members, first to combat the White Triangle, and later President Chu and the Credo

Rescue Squad

The group put together, in secret, by Live Wire at Cosmic Boy's request, which would save the team from the Fatal Five.

Using the codenames (or lack thereof) at the time:

Team 20/Team 30

After the Emerald Eye took advantage of Shrinking Violet's confused command to send half the Legionnaires back to the 20th Century, the team was thus split in two. These are known herein as "Team 20" and "Team 30" after the century they were in during the split.

Team 20

Team 30

Legion Plaza/Legion Outpost

Between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #110 and the Blight invasion, then-leader Saturn Girl split the Legion into two separate groupings, one remaining at the Legion Plaza HQ, and one permanently stationed on Legion Outpost Allon.

Legion Plaza

Support staff

Legion Outpost

Support staff

Legion Lost

The following Legionnaires were the ones thrown through the Rift, and who spent time in the Second Galaxy before finding a way back to UP space a year to the day after the "Great Rift Disaster".

In addition, Apparition was seemingly present for much of the time, and Cosmic Boy, Spark, Element Lad and Violet seemingly appeared at one point - these, however, were Saturn Girl-created illusions.

Element Lad was, however, also thrown through the Rift, but to billions of years before the rest of the team would appear

In UP space during Lost

These are the members who continued playing active parts in Legion-related business between the team's official disbandment and the return of the Lost team, which caused them to openly reform.

In the individual characters' pages, these members are not counted as having left with the disbandment (where they were already full members), but as having continuous service from the Rift disaster to Terror Incognita.

Subterfuge Squad (field)


Brande's Guard

The team which accompanied R.J. Brande to the Second Galaxy as part of his negotiations with the Kwai for UP membership.