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The only major appearance of the holiday was in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #232
Klordny is a weeklong celebration in the Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis continuties. It is unclear as to the exact nature of the festivities, marked by drinking, dancing, and revelry, or their reason for being held in the first place.

Celebrating Klordny Week

Klordny Week - or the Klordny Festival - is seen being celebrated in two locations in the United Planets space: aboard the most spectacular space-based luxury liner of the 30th century, the Glory of Ganymede, and a United Planets Space Platform outside the orbit of Pluto.

Onboard the Ganymede, several members of the Legion are shown on vacation, including Superboy who was time-travelling from the 20th century. He asked the other Legionnaires with him what they were celebrating, to which Shrinking Violet answered "We're celebrating Klordny Week, Superboy, what else?" Superboy mentioned that everyone was wishing him a good Klordny Week, but nobody would tell him what Klordny was. She said Klordny Week was like other 20th century festivals, such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, San Gennaro in Little Italy, and Guy Fawkes Day in England. However, she wouldn't tell him what Klordny Week was celebrating: "If you don't know, Superboy, why should I spoil the fun by telling you? Suffer, friend, suffer!"

It may be that the true reason for celebrating Klordny Week has been lost since the time of the original festival, but the spirit of the festival continues. If a newcomer (say, from outside of the United Planets) does not know of Klordny Week, a joke is played on the unsuspecting person, where his companions (all of whom are in on the joke) all pretend to know the "true" reason and tease him about it.

In another scene from the comic, several members of the military/security arm of the United Planets are shown raising a glass of a pink frothy liquid in a toast. Rogir Allon, a cousin of Gim Allon (aka Colossal Boy) mentions "the ritual Klordny toast: To Freedom, Friendship, and Frunt!".

In a cameo appearance some years later, a character from The Wanderers is seen on a billboard advertising kono juice for Klordny Week.

Klordny in other media

Klordny is also the name of an Amateur Press Association (APA) magazine dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Started in the early 1980's as a fan club, it soon transformed itself into a traditional APA. About 150 issues of this APA-zine have been published.