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Invisible Kid
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name Lyle Norg
First appearance Legionnaires #0
Joined Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Earth/Human
Other teams joined Black Hole, Legion Espionage Squad (leader), Legion Subterfuge Squad ("Subs")
Powers Invisibility
Other versions
Preboot versions Invisible Kid
Threeboot versions Invisible Kid



Lyle Norg's parents were high-level diplomats, who he rarely saw. He spent most of his time with the Foccart family; especially Jacques Foccart, who was like a brother to him; and inventing things - he wase b a millionaire at ten from the royalties from some of his inventions, including several new flavours of ice cream. In addition, he invented the serum which gave him the power of invisibility.

By the age of twelve, he and Jacques were agents for "Black Hole", the main Earthgov spying operation. However, Mara Grace, another agent, had developed her own power - to mind-control men - and attempted to use Jacques to steal Lyle's invisibility serum. She forced Jacques to drink it, but he had a severe allergic reaction to it, and Lyle believed him dead. He later "retired" before he hit sixteen.


When drafted into the Legion, he proved one of the team's core members in many respects. Initially, he was essential in communicating with the non-Interlac-speaking Chameleon, and invented the Legion's flight rings based on a failed experiment of Brainiac 5's.

Even after Cham learned to speak interlac, he had him hide the fact, thinking it would prove useful. It did when he formed the Espionage Squad during the President Chu Conspiracy, as only Chameleon's believed-ignorance allowed him to pretend to be Winema Wazzo without suspicion during the denoumént,


Much to his own discomfort, he was elected Leader after the Shrinking Violet went rogue and Leviathan died, saying his power functioned better behind the scenes. Despite this, he was a superlative leader during the Mordru crisis, but tried to persuade Cosmic Boy to take the leadership back as soon as he returned form being stranded in the past.

When Cos declined, saying he wanted to be a "foot soldier" for a while, he formally resigned after his first date in months with Condo Arlik, passing the leadership onto Saturn Girl, who, having being chosen as the informal leader of "Team 20", had become deputy leader after the teams had been reunited.

He would also finally get the chance to arrest Mara Grace, but not before finding out that Jacques was alive, albeit unable to reveal himself to him.

Blight and thereafter

After the Blight and Rift crises and subsequent disbanding of the team, R.J. Brande recruited him to help construct Legion World and work with Cosmic Boy on the "Subterfuge Squad". Once they recovered the Lost team, he would help Brainiac 5 to perfect the Thresholds and go with Saturn Girl's team to persuade the Kwai to act as navigators for them - calling her on her attitude to the Progeny in the process.

Powers and abilites

Invisible Kid, as his name suggests, can become invisible at will - however, he remains fully tangible and audible, and can be detected as such. He can also extend his invisibility to others, but this causes him great strain and he uses it sparingly as such.

He also has a genius-level intellect, focusing particularly on applied or practical problems, and is a superlative stratigist.

He is mildly acrophobic.