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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Inferno #4 cover
Art by Stuart Immonen, et al.
Real name Sandy Anderson
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #64
Initially joined Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #85 (never inducted)
Left / rejoined left Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #96
Status Active, 21st Century
Home planet / Species ???/Human
Other teams joined Workforce, "Young Justice League" (expanded Young Justice)
Powers Pyrokinesis, flight



Inferno's powers were discovered shortly before her ninth birthday, after which she spent three years in tests, until her parents, who had become scared of her, were finally talked into signing her over to Leland McCauley; while she was left bitter over having "lost" three years of her life, her friends, and her parents. Six months later, her parents divorced.

Over time, she made an effort to forget her past, and followed orders recklessly while developing a fear of the dark. When McCauley formed the Workforce, she was made one of the members.


Even among the not-so-heroic workforce members, like the greedy Evolvo and the somewhat shady Spider Girl, Inferno's ruthlessness made her stand out. While in battle, she would often just burn her opponents to death. However, despite that she was a solid ally to the Legion, especially during the White Triangle battle where she helped ease Leviathan's pain at being burned by lava by absorbing its heat, and by warning Triad and Spark that a Daxamite was heading their way and suggesting that Triad use her triplicating abilites to decoy the Daxamite.

She would aid the Legion again against Doctor Regulus, though her fear of the dark made her irrationally lash out at the Legionnaires at first. After Shrinking Violet used the Emerald Eye to teleport her away, she maintained a keen interest in the Legion, watching them as the Eye slowly possessed them all. She was so interested that she deliberately forced McCauley to fire her from the Workforce, and then joined Saturn Girl, Shvaughn Erin and Apparition in assaulting the Eye. Unfortunately, she was one of those the Eye sent back in time.


She became a sort of unofficial Legionnaire, staying with the team but constantly butting heads with many of them. In fact, Ferro was offered official membership before she was, probably due to her weakness in cooperating with others and her flaring temper. She left the team shortly before Apparition and Ultra Boy got married, blaming them for not trying hard enough to find a way home yet not getting involved with the present era. She also threw away her Legion flight ring, claiming that she wasn't one of them.


She would wander around for awhile before finding some newfound friends called the Mall Girls, and used her newfound confidence to defeat a psychic entity which was trying to feed on her negative emotions. With this, she decided to stay in the 20th century even after the Legionnaires asked her to return home with them.

She has been somewhat active in the hero community since then, aiding Young Justice and Wonder Woman and attending an audition for Titans membership but deciding not to join.

Powers and abilities

Inferno has pyrokinetic abilities - i.e., she can spontaneously create flame without combustant, and manipulate the size, shape and intensity of flames. She also cannot be harmed by fire or extreme heat. She can fly by creating an updraft of flame to hold her up and a jet of flame to propel her forward.