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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name I.Z.O.R.
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #117
Joined Between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #125 and The Legion #3
Status In limbo
Home planet / Species Linsnarian
Powers Composed of organic machinery, computer interfacing.
Other versions


I.Z.O.R. is a Linsnarian, who are a race composed of organic machinery beneath humanoid shells. The Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility kept him for use in maintaining their systems. For quite some time, he pretended to be servile, while programming some of his machinery to disable the systems keeping the inmates contained and powerless upon his deactivation. He bided his time, waiting for an inmate powerful enough to help him take over the prison. On the arrival of the Legionnaire Sensor on the station, he was convinced by her to move prematurely, and was severely damaged in the process, activating his failsafes.

However, Brainiac 5 successfully repaired him, and Gear remained on the Legion Outpost until most of the Legion was lost in a rift and the team was forcefully disbanded as a result. R.J. Brande then made contact with many of the remaining Legionnaires, including Gear, and put together a plan to construct Legion World - an artificial planetoid to house a revived and expanded team, which Gear and Invisible Kid designed and helped to construct. During this time, Gear was inducted as a full Legionnaire.

As a Legionnaire, Gear spent much of his time on Legion World, helping to maintain the systems. However, he took an active role in fetching Warworld during the Robotican invasion of Earth. While trying to restart the dormant artificial planetoid, which had taken the place of Pluto, Gear inadvertently triggered a defense mechanism - holograms of the Justice League of America. Gear played possum while continuing to interface with Warworld's systems. He managed to communicate with the Warworld Operating System, stopping the defenses and convincing it to aid them in saving Earth.

Gear worked with Chuck Taine to maintain and clean Legion World as needed. On one such occasion, Chuck suggested stealing an experimental nanite swarm from Brainiac 5's labs to assist in their clean-up. The swarm went out of control and began consuming organic matter, such as plants and animals. Chuck and Gear enlisted Superboy to hunt for the nanite swarm; Superboy inadvertently contaminated the swarm with 21st century contaminants, causing it to consume himself. Gear and Chuck then blackmailed Brainiac 5 into silence by referring to his secret holo-collection of Legionnaires and allies.

Powers and abilities

Gear is composed of organic machinery, and can transform parts of his body into tools and interface with computers.