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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Art by Chris Batista.
Real name Andrew Nolan
First appearance Adventures of Superman #540
Initially joined Final Night #3
Left / rejoined left Legion Worlds #6 (Legion disbanded)
rejoined The Legion #23
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Human
Relatives Douglas Nolan (Ingot, brother)
Powers Can turn to iron
Other versions
Preboot versions Ferro Lad
Ferro Lad
Ferro [Lad]
Reboot versions Ferro
Televisual versions Ferro Lad
Ferro Lad?



Andrew Nolan and his twin brother, Douglas were born with severely deformed faces. Horrified, their mother, Mary Nolan, a famous stage actress, abandoned them. Left in the care of an unscrupulous scientist called "Doc 30", he escaped as a teenager while Douglas remained behind.


When the Earth was dying due to the extinguishing of the sun in the so-called "Final Night", he became involved with the Legion of Super-Heroes, who had become stranded in the present day. After the Earth was saved by the death of Parallax, he remained with the team, although it was some time before they informed him they were from the 31st Century.


When the Legion were able to return to their home time, Ferro went with them and served with them for some time until several of the team were Lost in a rift, and the remainder ordered to disband.


After this he went with Karate Kid to a monastery on the planet Steeple, a planet only accessible for short periods every ten years before a black hole prevented access once more. While there, he finally learned to deal with his deformity, but he was savagely beaten by an escaped convict and, while the monks were able to save his life, he was trapped in iron form with the helmet he wore fused to his face. Moreover, he and Karate Kid, who had refused to leave his friend behind, were now trapped on the planet for ten years.


Or so it seemed, Brainiac 5 was able to use the Threshold technology he had learned of during his time Lost to open a path to Steeple. However, before it was decided it was safe for sentients to use the link, he, along with all of the Legion bar Sensor and Shikari and several whole planets were entranced by Universo. Sensor and Shikari were forced to use the unstable link to Steeple to escape, and the four of them were able to free Saturn Girl who, with aid from Apparition and Ultra Boy's child, Cub, was able to defeat Universo, while Ferro and Karate Kid rejoined the team.

Powers and abilities

Ferro can turn to iron, in which form he has super-strength and the resilance of the metal.