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Duo Damsel
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
As Triplicate Girl, by "Bic"
Real name Luornu Durgo
First appearance Action Comics v1 #276
Initially joined Before AC276
Left / rejoined left Superboy v1 #200 upon marriage
Home planet / Species Cargg/Carggg
Aliases Triplicate Girl, Triad, Una, Duplicate Damsel, Duplicate Girl
Relatives Bouncing Boy (husband)
Powers Could split into twins; previously triplets
Other versions
Reboot versions Triad
Threeboot versions Triplicate Girl
Televisual versions Triplicate Girl


Luornu Durgo was born on the world of Cargg, a planet whose triple sun allowed its inhabitants to evolve the ability to split themselves into three identical bodies. Hearing of the Legion, she realized that this could be her opportunity to escape the anonymity of Cargg and become famous using her powers on a world where they'd be distinctive. Borrowing money from her parents she traveled to Earth and then demonstrated her power by separately convincing each of the three charter members that she had a "mystery" power that could benefit the team. On arrival at their new headquarters they discovered all three heroines were really the same young woman.

Taking the name Triplicate Girl, Luornu served honorably as a Legionnaire, and serving as an occasional member of the Espionage Squad. She faced her most tragic moment when the renegade computer, Computo, murdered one of her three bodies. The psychic and physical trauma caused by the loss was indescribable to a non-Carggian, but Luornu's other two selves survived the shock and she retained Legion membership as Duo Damsel.

After a brief infatuation with Invisible Kid, Duo Damsel developed a long crush on Superboy, which she eventually realized was futile. She then became involved with Bouncing Boy, during one of the periods in which he had lost his powers. When she apparently lost her powers at the same time as the third fading of his powers Chuck proposed to her. At the wedding, Luornu was kidnapped by Starfinger and the loss of her power was revealed to be a ruse set up by the master criminal so that he could obtain the power of duplication for himself. His plan was foiled and her power restored, but she was still forced to retire from the Legion because of the ban against married members.

The couple came back into action during the Earth War, then retired for a brief time to a colony, then returning briefly to active duty and finally going back to Reserve status, serving as co-instructors in chief at the Legion Academy.

Powers and abilities

Triplicate Girl was born with the power to split into three identical bodies. After one of her bodies was killed by Computo she changed her name to Duo Damsel.


Duo Damsel served on the Espionage Squad.

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