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Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Dreamer by Olivier Coipel
Dreamer, by Olivier Coipel from The Legion #12
Real name Nura Schnappin Nal
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #84
Joined The Legion #23
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Naltor
Powers Precognition
Other versions
Preboot versions Dream Girl/High Seer
Threeboot versions Dream Girl
Televisual versions Dream Girl
Dream Girl



Nura Schnappin was the first Naltorian precognative born in seven generations. Disliking her surname, she changed it to "Nal" and went out into the universe.

She was first seen calling the Legion with a warning that half the team was about to be lost in an explosion, but Marla Latham dismissed it, telling her to "check back when [she] hit reality". Shortly afterward, the Emerald Eye sent half the team back to the 20th Century and caused an explosion that meant the rest of the team almost crashed to Earth, with only M'Onel and Kinetix's powers saving them.

Trying out

She applied in person at the Legion tryouts shortly afterward, but was rejected because the fact that her visions came to her in narcoleptic fainting fits made her seem, as she would later reflect "flaky and dizzy" - a fact she saw before the actual rejection.

Nonetheless, she hung around the team for months afterwards, in part because Star Boy had been immediately taken with her. This led to a problem when Thom, after his malfunctioning powers abruptly stabilised after a blast from Dragonmage, asked her to take over his role on the monitoring station, which led to Saturn Girl suspending him for a week. They took the chance for a vacation to Summer World thereafter, only for the rest of the team to suddenly follow.

After the Blight Invasion of Earth, she was plagued by severe nightmares, and Star Boy decided to take her to Xanthu to get away from the aftermath of the Blight - a fact which meant both avoided the Great Rift Disaster.

Training and Robotica

On Xanthu, the Khunds took her for training, determined to make a "hard science of [her] hazy art." Once the training was complete, she no longer slept at all, and her precognitions came directly into her conscious mind.

Shortly after her training was done, she saw Robotica's immenient invasion a day early, and kept the Khunds and Xanthians just ahead of the Roboticans for weeks, and ultimately meant six million sentients escaped from the destruction of Xanthu. She never told anyone she had seen Star Boy's grave, and still called for him when he remained behind to ensure the refugee ships got away.

However, when she saw the Roboticans leaving Xanthu and heading for Earth, and she and the Khunds followed, she found he had survived, and been rescued by the Legion. After Computo/Reboot#Post-Zero Hour's defeat had freed the Roboticans, and she went to Titan to investigate the possibility of hooking her power into the Titanet to use as a booster, she confessed to Saturn Girl how disturbed she was by this - was her vision wrong, or merely still to come?

While on Titan, she was caught up in Universo's attempt at conquest, and kept restrained in a psi-dampening device. After Sensor freed the two, she caught a vision telling her that shutting down the Titanet - the obvious thing to do, given that it was significantly boosting Universo's power - doomed them to defeat. Sensor tried to shut it down anyway, telling her that she "didn't think of [Dreamer] and reliable in the same sentence". Saturn Girl intervened, telling Sensor she trusted Nura, and was proved right to do so when Cub Wazzo-Nah distracted Universo enough for Saturn Girl to trap him in a dream.

In the aftermath, Saturn Girl and Sensor would co-sponsor her for membership, and she was made a Legionnaire at last.

Powers and abilities

Initially, Dreamer's precognitive visions only came to her in brief narcoleptic fits, which could not be controlled in timing or duration.

After her Khundian training, she learned to channel her visions into her waking mind at will without the need for "fainting." However, a side-effect of this process is that she no longer slept.

Her visions generally showed a very high degree of accuracy.