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Chuck Taine
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Reboot » Post-Zero Hour
Real name Chuck Taine
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #76
Joined Between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #125 and The Legion #3
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Earth/Human
Other teams joined Legion Subterfuge Squad ("Subs")
Powers None; but excellent engineer and superlative judge of angles
Other versions
Preboot versions Bouncing Boy
Bouncing Boy
Bouncing Boy
Reboot versions Chuck Taine
Televisual versions Bouncing Boy
Bouncing Boy



Chuck Taine was an architectural student, paid for by the life insurance money paid after his parents were torn apart by one of the White Triangle Daxamites who attacked Earth before being banished by the efforts of Brainiac 5, R.J. Brande and Jan Arrah.


He was then hired as an intern to help repair the Legion's headquarters after Chronos caused much of one wing to rust itself to the point of collapse, and found a Legion itself on the point of collapse. After experiencing Kinetix's depowerment, Live Wire being forced from the team twice, Apparition's death and Andromeda's apparent death during the White Triangle battle, Ultra Boy and Jan Arrah being barred from joining the team, XS being lost in time and Brainiac 5 being arrested, even the addition of two new members Star Boy and Gates did not help lighten the team's mood at all. Chuck himself found little welcome, but his cheerful attitude kept him going - and his excitement at being there despite "only" being part of the support staff helped encourage the team to go on.

Despite only being seconded to the team for a short time, his stay kept being extended - firstly, by the many disruptions to the building repairs, then by Brainiac 5's propensity for blowing up labs. Chuck, despite not being an official part of the team, helped save the Legion HQ when it was attacked by shape-shifting beings while the Legion was away by using his knowledge of angles to hold them off with well-thrown billiard balls.


Eventually, he was just given a permanent position, and helped to reconstruct a standard UP outpost into the Legion Outpost. He also would continue to be a friend to many, such as Legion chef Tenzil Kem and Violet, who asked HIM on a date (which he was afraid to go on because he had once walked in on her while she was dressing). However, it seemed that he had a little crush on Triad instead, and her jealousy at his date with Violet seemed to show that she liked him back as well.


He was present at the Great Rift Disaster, trying to pilot the second, temporary Legion Outpost, but was not one of those lost to the Rift. Instead, he was one of those recruited to "shadow" Legion team by R.J. Brande after the official disbandment, along with Cosmic Boy, Gear, Invisible Kid, Sensor, Triad and Violet, to help build Legion World and prepare to refound the team properly. He also constructed a personal ship, the Bouncing Boy, which - as the name suggests - could bounce without damaging itself. He became one of the field team, the Subterfuge Squad, and helped to steal a Footstep Drive ship on Braal.

When the team officially reformed after the return of the Lost Legionnaires, he thus became an official member for the first time - the only member to have no superhuman powers in the team's history.


He would play a key role in the Legion as Chief of Logistics, and his leadership in sending the Legion Cadets into Metropolis when Canary shut down all technology in the area not only helped stem the damage, it was indirectly responsible for the Legion's success as Cadets Nightwind and Infectious Lass played key roles in defeating the villains.

Powers and abilities

Chuck has no superhuman powers.

However, he is an excellent architect/engineer, judge of angles and pilot of the Bouncing Boy.