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Adventure Comics #369
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Cover by Neal Adams and Gaspar Saladino.
Story title Mordru the Merciless!
Part II: Mordru and the Mob
Previous story Adventure Comics #368: The Mutiny of the Super-Heroines!
Next story Adventure Comics #370: The Devil's Jury!
Publication date April 30, 1968
Cover date June 1968
Writer Jim Shooter
Layouts Jim Shooter
Penciller Curt Swan
Inker(s) Curt Swan (page 1 only), Jack Abel
Letterer(s) Gaspar Saladino (page 1 only) and Charlotte Jetter
Colourist(s) ???
Editor Mort Weisinger
Cover artist(s) Neal Adams and Gaspar Saladino

Mordru the Merciless!


Part I

Part II: Mordru and the Mob

Key Quotes and Catchphrases


Roll Call

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Supporting characters

Other characters

Planets and Settings

Technology, Gadgets and Other Neat Stuff


Errors and Oddities

First appearances

This issue marks the first appearance of the following characters and recurring key Legion story elements:

Powers and abilities

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