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Action Comics v1 #858
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Artwork by Gary Frank
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Story title Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Chapter 1: Alien World
Previous story Justice Society of America v3 #7: Indestructible
Next story Action Comics v1 #859: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Chapter 2: Illegal Aliens
Publication date October 31, 2007
Cover date Late December 2007
Writer Geoff Johns
Penciller Gary Frank
Inker Jon Sibal
Letterer Rob Leigh
Colourist Dave McCaig
Editor(s) Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro
Cover artist(s) Gary Frank

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Chapter 1: Alien World

(30 pages/ 144 panels)


Key Quotes and Catchphrases

Roll Call



Supporting characters

Other characters

  • Alien child (10 panels)
  • Alien father (7 panels)
  • Alien mother (8 panels)
  • Alien soldiers (1 panel)
  • Juun (7 panels)
  • Mara (5 panels)
  • Science Police officers (7 panels)
  • Unnamed citizens of Metropolis (4 panels)
  • Unnamed Daily Planet employees (7 panels)
  • Unnamed Smallvile High students (2 panels)

Planets and Settings

  • Earth (131 panels)
    • 20th/21st Century (84 panels)
      • Daily Planet building (21 panels)
      • Smallville (20th century) (40 panels)
      • Metrpololis Central Park (24 panels)
    • 30th/31st Century (45 panels)
      • Legion Headquarters (30th/31st century) (31 panels)
      • Smallville (31st century) (11 panels)
  • The timestream (2 panels)
  • Unnamed planet in civil war (31st Century, 10 panels)

Technology, Gadgets and Other Neat Stuff

  • Time Diver disguised as Brainiac robot
  • Legion Flight Ring
  • Legion Time Buble

Alien Wildlife


Errors and Oddities

Easter Eggs

First appearances

Reboot Reference Kit




On sale OCTOBER 31
40 pg, FC, $3.50 US
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Cover by FRANK

Welcome superstar Gary Frank as he kicks off his run as the new monthly artist on ACTION COMICS with the extra-length first chapter of "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes"! Spinning from "The Lightning Saga," the original Legion of Super-Heroes returns! When he was a boy, Clark Kent was isolated and alone until he met this teen team from the 31st Century. Today, it's been years since Superman saw his childhood friends. Why haven't they returned to visit him? What's become of the symbol of Superman in the future? And just why is the future so dangerous for Superman? They warned him away, but now he's determined to help his friends - even if it means his life!



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